“I’m sorry, Tae-hee”… ’53-year-old dentist’ Lee Soo-jin who finally apologized for saying she was prettier than Kim Tae-hee (video)

YouTube’Lee Sujin’

[인사이트] Reporter Jang Young-jun = Dentist and YouTuber Lee Soo-jin apologized to actor Kim Tae-hee, who was mentioned in the video.

On the 15th, Sujin Lee posted a short article through his YouTube channel community.

He said, “Ego. I’m sorry, Kim Tae-hee,” and left an apology to Kim Tae-hee.

Along with this, Lee Soo-jin posted a video titled “The evil players who have crossed the line” on the YouTube channel.


InsightYouTube’Lee Sujin’

In the released video, Lee Soo-jin said, “If you hit Dentist Lee Soo-jin on the portal site, there are so many articles.”

Lee Soo-jin continued to say, “Why again, Kim Tae-hee”, saying, “Because I was talking about a 29-year-old boyfriend.”

Then, the editor who cut the screen in a hurry edited Lee Soo-jin’s mention of Kim Tae-hee, saying, “We will protect it when Jenna is not present.”

Lee Soo-jin said, “I asked if he thought it would be a knight,” and said, “It seemed like he would bless me. I really speak the word of God.”

Jenna expressed anxiety, saying, “Why is that a blessing? It’s stupid. It’s a shame in the family.”


InsightYouTube’Lee Sujin’

Next, Jenna pointed out, “I don’t think it’s a bit too bad, but my mom is too bad.”

Lee Soo-jin said, “A wise person commented.’Why do you react to the words you exchanged like jokes between your mother and daughter?’ He is smart.”

After hearing this, Jenna said, “It’s better not to feed the people who made bad comments in the first place.”

Meanwhile, Jenna recently revealed in Lee Soo-jin’s U-butte channel’Lee Soo-jin’, “I once asked my mother,’Did you go to the same school as Tae-hee Kim?'” did.

Soojin Lee said, “My boyfriends always said that,” and focused the attention of netizens.

YouTube’Lee Sujin’



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