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I’m sure. Open the first field. Jet Ski Pro Tour at Uthai Thani

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A lot of famous star racers parade!! Can’t miss 4 pro models!!!
The youth generation has to qualify for the finalists to win “Orca” will it pass or not?

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Battle of “Jet Ski Pro Tour 2021” prepares to blow up the first race on October 30-31 at the Chaloem Phrakiat Water Park (Bung Phrachanok), Uthai Thani Province. Father Muang Uthai Thani Mr. Kachonkiet Rakpanichmanee, Governor of Uthai Thani Province ready to welcome the team of athletes and staff team who traveled to Uthai Thani province It is believed that the tournament will stimulate the tourism economy, hotels and restaurants. in Uthai Thani Province to come back lively After the epidemic situation of Covid 19, for sure, the game in the 4th pro version is the most boiling. As for the youth generation, aged 8-13 years old, the overwhelming number of amateur athletes must qualify for a finalist.

Jet ski athletes prepare to travel to Chaloem Phrakiat Water Park (Bung Phrachanok), Uthai Thani Province to open the battle this weekend by the conditions surrounding the competition field It is beautiful and complete. The organizer of the competition More than 50 percent of the stadium has been prepared by competing in this field. It is the open field of the season. After having to postpone the competition due to the epidemic situation of the Covid-19 virus for many rounds, it is especially lively. Due to the overwhelming number of racers from all over the country signing up. In some models, there are racers applying for more than the boat quota of each race. Therefore, there must be a competition in the qualifying round or qualifying before the first moto race. Resulting in having to extend the competition time each day. Which will start from 7:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m.

by 4 professional (Pro) models, world champion jet ski athletes They participated in the tight competition, “Pool” Permphon Teerapattanapanich. Ready to defend the biggest championship of the show Professional boat GP (Pro Runabout GP) and professional boat 1100 cc. Adjustable engine (Pro Runabout 1100 cc. Open). And Anon Hong Klang is ready to defend the championship in the professional boat version Modified (Pro Ski Modifiled) As for the youth version with Jet Ski fans waiting to see the handwriting of “Nong Orca” Nakara Silachai, the son of the cherished son of the ring. of “Ple” Nakan Silachai, the veteran world champion To compete in the youth jet ski slalom version, both standing and sitting type as well

On behalf of the competition organizing committee I would like to commend all those who pushed Uthai Thani Province to host this competition. Mr. Kajonkiat Rakpanichmanee, Uthai Thani Governor Mr. Alongkot Worakee, Deputy Governor of Uthai Thani, Mr. Peerapol Tantaopas, Deputy Governor of Uthai Thani, Mr. Chumpich Decharat, Permanent Secretary of Uthai Thani Province, Mr. Padt Nuipri President of Uthai Thani Provincial Administrative Organization Ms. Pornphimol Kanniam, Director of Sports Authority of Thailand Uthai Thani Province and Mrs. Punyanuch Chansri, head of the Office of the Permanent Secretary Koh Thepho Subdistrict Administrative Organization, Muang District, Uthai Thani Province Government agencies State enterprises Districts Local government organizations and the media in all fields” that helped bring about useful activities this time.

have to wait and see Who will win this season’s opener, where Jet Ski fans, sports fans who love speed on the water? Including Jet Ski fans across the country must not miss!!! can follow the news Jet Ski Pro Tour 2021 at www.jetskiprotour.com And can follow the live broadcast via Facebook jetskiprotour from 9:00 am on both days and live on the True Visions channel for both days from 2:30 pm onwards.

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