“I’m tired of not hating humans” Seolhyun’s meaningful writing, why? : Sports Donga

AOA’s Seolhyun left a meaningful message, drawing attention to the background.

Seolhyun revealed part of the book she was reading on her Instagram story on the 15th. In the book Seolhyun posted, “I really hate humans, I’m tired of not hating them, but I’m also human. Wouldn’t it be absurd to criticize and criticize humans on the subject of being born as human beings?” and “I guess I am just a human being who has no choice but to live in a human being. In the end, it is all because of human beings that make me cry, laugh, and grieve.”

In another post, ‘I hate humans, but I’m struggling because I want to be recognized and loved by humans’, ‘Is it because I’m still young? When I get a little older, I get older and I get more focused, will I be able to focus on myself a little more?”
There are various interpretations of this. In particular, some say that AOA’s Jimin and Seolhyun indirectly revealed their feelings while terminating their relationship (exclusive contract) with their agency FNC Entertainment. AOA’s reputation has been severely damaged by the exposure (raising suspicion) of “bullying” by Kwon Min-ah, who left the team.
Meanwhile, Seolhyun is preparing for a comeback as an actor through the tvN drama ‘The Murderer’s Shopping List’. Entertainment News Team [email protected]



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