“I’m too compared to ordinary people” Ottogi 3rd Princess Ham Yeon-ji everyday life that can’t be hidden

YouTuber and musical actress ‘Ham Yeon-ji’ recently shared her appearance at her cousin’s wedding on Instagram. Ham Yeon-ji, who showed off her elegant appearance, attracted attention along with her wedding ceremony two years ago. At the time, it was known that the wedding, which was released on YouTube, was prepared by the family.

It is known that her current profession, musical actress, also suffered opposition from the Ottogi family. However, it is said that Ham Yeon-ji is still following her ordinary life and developing her dream.

YouTuber ‘Ham Yeon-ji’, a chaebol family wedding was unveiled.

Music actress ‘Ham Yeon-ji’ revealed her cousin’s wedding hall. / Ham Yeon-ji’s Instagram

On the 5th, Ham Yeon-ji revealed a photo of herself wearing a jade-colored hanbok, saying, “Thank you for the wedding day ♥ my cousin who took care of me and loved me all my life.”

Ham Yeon-ji, who wore a matching hanbok and a tucked-in hanbok vest with side-length hair, and who shows elegance even in a winter wedding, showed extraordinary emotions at her cousin’s wedding.

Previously, Ham Yeon-ji drew attention by planning a wedding party for her cousin brother. At the time, she posted a video on her YouTube channel about the process of planning her brother’s wedding party.

She spent the evening shopping online and ordering props for her bridal party, impressing the parties with loving questions. In addition, for her cousin’s wedding party, she rented Ottogi’s restaurant, ‘Roly Poly Cotto’, chose the menu carefully, chose clothes and planned games herself to organize the party well.

How was Ham Yeon-ji’s wedding?

Musical actress 'Ham Yeon-ji' gets married./YouTube channel 'Ham Yeon-ji'
Musical actress ‘Ham Yeon-ji’ gets married./YouTube channel ‘Ham Yeon-ji’

In April 2020, musical actress Ham Yeon-ji released a video of her wedding day through her YouTube channel ‘Ham Yeon-ji’.

Ham Yeon-ji said that she prepared the wedding herself with her husband and said, “I made that decision because I wanted to have a wedding with dirty hands without a wedding planner.”

Then, Ham Yeon-ji revealed that she wore 2 dresses in the wedding hall, which was divided into 1 and 2 parts, and 3 dresses in total, 5 dresses during the wedding session.

In addition, since there was no separate wedding planner, she said that she prepared mobile and paper wedding invitations herself, and said, “My father, husband, and I package it as a homemade handicraft.”

It is known that the two met for the first time at a college prom and got married after being there for six years. Also, they were both born in 1992, which means they are the same age.

“He won 31.1 billion”, Ham Yeon-ji, who rose to the ranks of the rich in his early 20s

Music actress 'Ham Yeon-ji' was introduced as 'stars involved in conglomerates' in 'Heard it Through the Grapevine Show' on Channel A./Channel A 'Heard it Through the Grapevine Show'
Music actress ‘Ham Yeon-ji’ was introduced as ‘stars involved in conglomerates’ in ‘Heard it Through the Grapevine Show’ on Channel A./Channel A ‘Heard it Through the Grapevine Show’

Meanwhile, the property of musical actor Ham Yeon-ji drew attention. On Channel A ‘I Heard It Through the Grapevine Show’, which aired on the 29th, the story of ‘stars relating to clusters’ was presented.

Among the stars introduced in the broadcast, the person who drew the most attention was Ham Yeon-ji. One panel introduced, “Ham Yeon-ji was listed as the 5th richest celebrity with many stocks, standing shoulder to shoulder with Lee Soo-man, Park Jin-young, and Yang Hyun-suk.”

Then, another panel surprised everyone by revealing, “Only the shares owned by Ham Yeon-ji worth 31.1 billion have been won.” The fact that a person known as a musical actor in his early 20s at the time had accumulated such assets raised questions from many.

The musical actress 'Ham Yeon-ji' was introduced as the granddaughter of Tae-ho Ham, the founder of Ottogi on the Channel A program 'Heard It Through the Grapevine Show'./Channel A 'Heard It Through the Grapevine Show'
The musical actress ‘Ham Yeon-ji’ was introduced as the granddaughter of Tae-ho Ham, the founder of Ottogi on the Channel A program ‘Heard It Through the Grapevine Show’./Channel A ‘Heard It Through the Grapevine Show’

However, it was known that she was the granddaughter of Ottogi founder Tae-ho Ham and the eldest daughter of current chairman Young-joon Ham, and the public expressed envy towards her wealth. However, unlike this, she is known to enjoy a normal life without chasing wealth.

Ham Yeon-ji, who graduated from New York University’s Tishi School of the Arts, made his debut in 2014 with the musical ‘Gone with the Wind’ and was known to break through the competition rate of 300:1 in the audition at the time. He has also appeared in the musical ‘Infinite Power’ and the drama ‘Shine Eunsoo’.

Ham Yeon-ji achieved her dream despite her chaebol grandfather’s opposition

Music actress 'Ham Yeon-ji' appearance/high entertainment
Music actress ‘Ham Yeon-ji’ appearance/high entertainment

Yeonji Ham was born in 1992 and is currently 30 years old. It is known that he graduated from Daewon Foreign Language High School in high school, and graduated from New York University with a BA in Arts and Tish Acting. In the process of realizing his dream of becoming a musical actor, his grandfather, Tae-ho Ham, the honorary chairman of Ottogi, was strongly opposed, but he did not give up and in the end he fulfilled his dream with his father’s persuasion, Young-joon Ham.

Music actor 'Ham Yeon-ji' and her husband 'Kim Jae-woo'/YouTube channel 'Ham Yeon-ji YONJIHAM'
Music actor ‘Ham Yeon-ji’ and her husband ‘Kim Jae-woo’/YouTube channel ‘Ham Yeon-ji YONJIHAM’

Married in 2016, she was reluctant to reveal her husband’s name ‘Kim Jae-woo’ to the public. In response, some doubts arose, “Since she is the eldest daughter of a chaebol family called Ottogi, isn’t she an arranged marriage between chaebol families?”

However, Ham Yeon-ji revealed information about her husband Kim Jae-woo on MBC’s entertainment program ‘Point of Omniscient Interfere’, and suspicions about her husband faded.

They are known to have met at a high school union graduation party of the same age. After graduating from Minjok Military High School, her husband, Kim Jae-woo, went to university in China and later worked for a financial company in Hong Kong.

He is currently living a happy married life by quitting a financial company and joining Ottogi, his father-in-law’s company, in charge of finance.

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