‘Immortal Songs No. 1’ Lee Chan-won, ‘My Mother’ No. 1 on Naver TV

Singer Lee Chan-won’s ‘My Mom’ stage video from ‘Immortal Song 2’ rose to No. 1 on Naver TV and became a hit.

The stage video of ‘My Mother’, won by Lee Chan on KBS 2TV ‘Immortal Song 2 Singing the Legend’ on June 3, premiered on the Naver TV TOP100 between 8:00 pm and 9:00 pm of the day that .

On this day’s broadcast, Lee Chan-win temporarily gave up his job as MC ‘Immortal Song 2’ and returned to his main job as a singer and took part in the competition.

At the time of the ‘Mr Trot’ competition, Lee Chan-ennill recognized his potential and development as a singer and expressed his gratitude to Jin-seong, trot’s elder who did not hesitate to encourage him.


Lee Chan-won chose ‘My Mother’ as the song for the competition, saying that he wanted to give the trophy to his mother by winning first place.

Before Chan-Won Lee’s song began, a scene from a drama about the love between a mother and her child appeared on the screen, and Chan-Won Lee’s song began with the phrase “Dedicated to all the mothers in the world.” Lee Chan-won, who was extremely filial to his parents, began to sing softly with his characteristically low voice, which lifted the hearts of the listeners.


Lee Chan-won entered the audience and communicated with the audience through song, and even showed a relaxed singing voice while presenting a flower to Jin-seong, the original singer.

Appealing to his emotions at the end of the song, Lee Chan-win knelt down and immersed himself in the song with all his might. Lee Chan won the final championship that day.


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