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“IMPACT” shakes up the 3-year investment plan, emphasizing the complete “Tourist Attraction” target

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IMPACT Muang Thong Thani

“IMPACT Muang Thong” shakes up the three-year investment plan and opens up new partnerships, populating mega-projects on an area of ​​600 rai by the lake to support the Pink Line train after foreign partners suspended a large water park project. Yan is moving towards the goal of making Muang Thong as a complete tourist attraction, revealing that COVID hit the total number of events this year, disappearing 41%, expected mid-year exhibition trade show The foreign seminars gradually come back. Recently, 340 events have been booked in advance for the year ’64.

Mr. Paul Kanjanapas, Managing Director of IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Bangkok Land, revealed that the company has adjusted its investment and business development plans during these three years (2021-2023). ) To be in line with the post-COVID situation In collaboration with Bangkok Land or B Land to support the extension of the Pink Line electric train project to Muang Thong Thani in the future in order to make Muang Thong Thani a complete tourist attraction according to the original goal.

Paul Kanjanapas, Managing Director, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd.
Paul Kanjanapas, Managing Director, IMPACT Exhibition Management Co., Ltd.

Shake the plan to get the Pink Line

The project consists of 1. Join the BTS Group to invest in the Pink Line extension into Muang Thong Thani for 2 stations, the first station will connect to Challenger Building (Hall 1) and Muang Thong Thani Lake Station. Initially, Bangkok Land has prepared an investment budget of approximately 1,500 million baht.

2. Invest in expanding the lobby at Hall 1, Challenger Building. To support the BTS station (Same style as Siam Station) and 3. Opened a cooking school LENOTRE “Lenote” franchise from France. Under the investment budget of approximately 1,000 million baht.

Mr. Paul said, For a mega-project investment plan on an area of ​​over 600 rai on the banks of the Muang Thong Thani lake, the company will review the new plan early next year and open to partners with expertise in the business of each part of the business. From this area, the company plans to invest in retail business. Shopping mall Office buildings, etc., including large water park businesses With an investment of over 3,000 million baht

In order to make an impact Muang Thong Thani is an entertainment center. Or a comprehensive leisure and entertainment center For groups who attend the exhibition in the exhibition center Both from foreign countries and Thai people

Going forward to Tourist Attraction

“Originally, we would invest in a water park project or a large water park. To meet the needs of attendees within the center Including family and dependents This makes IMPACT Muang Thong Thani a complete tourist attraction, but when it comes across the coronavirus crisis, the investment partners stop the project, ”said Paul.

And now, the company has to revisit the program to better fit the post-COVID situation. But over the long term, the goal is to keep Muang Thong as a tourist attraction. But at the beginning this will be clear as a MICE attraction first, and then will gradually add a magnet to attract foreign tourists.

The number of events in ’63 lost 41%.

Mr. Paul also gave an overview of IMPACT this year. The company was directly impacted by the coronavirus outbreak. With 100% closed for over 3 months from the beginning of March to the end of June, it is expected that the total revenues of this year will disappear by about 30%. The number of events for 2020 has decreased 41 % Or the number of 608 jobs, down from the year 2019 with a total of 1,025 jobs

“In the declining number of events, the number of incentive bookings for overseas events has canceled all events. While the exhibition type trade show Some events can still be organized, but the size of the event has been reduced. As a result, overall this year, only 3% of international customers came to the event, compared to 10% last year, ”said Paul.

Expect foreigners to return in the middle of the year ’64.

Mr. Paul further said that At this time, the exhibition and event business are gradually returning. After returning to the service again since the end of June, it was found that the company has organized more than 400 events.

In addition, 340 events have been pre-booked in advance for 2021, including: 107 conferences, 76 exhibitions (general), 14 exhibitions (trade), 24 parties, 41 weddings, 51 concerts and family shows. And 27 other types of work

The event that is highlighted for 2021 is VIV Asia 2021 (Vivo Asia), a technology show and seminar for the region’s livestock and aquaculture industry. And 3 international badminton competitions: Yonex Thailand Open 2020 from 12-17 January 2021, Toyota Thailand Open 2020 from 19-24 January 2021 and HSBC BWF World Tour Finals 2020, January 27-31, 2021

“Our hope now is that the vaccine will come quickly and if there is a vaccine around May, it will come soon. Should bring the business back 80-90% and expect the overseas exhibition customers should start to return from August – September 2021 onwards, during which we still have to monitor the situation. All the time, too, ”said Paul.

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