‘Impact won by Baek Jong?’… 15,000 people flocked to Yesan Market on the first day of the reopening

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Chungcheongnam-do Yesan Market, which has emerged as a national landmark due to the ‘Baek Jong effect’, is packed with tourists from all over the country on the 1st. Yesan Market reopened on this day after a month of reorganization work, such as repacking the rough and dusty jangok floor, identified as a problem, and redecorating public toilets. / Photo = Yesan-gun

Yesan Market in Chungcheongnam-do, which has emerged as a national landmark due to the ‘Baek Jong effect’, attracted 15,000 people on the first day it reopened after a month-long reorganization.

Yesan-gun explained on the 2nd that he expects about 30,000 people to visit the market on the first weekend of reopening due to such crowds on the 1st, the first day of Yesan Market’s reopening.

Yesan Market quickly emerged as a national landmark with the ‘Project to Revitalize Yesan Market’ being promoted with Baek Jong-won, CEO of The Born Korea, last January. The project received a great deal of attention from the public as the number of visitors exceeded 10,000 within a week of its implementation, but as criticism continued, such as waiting lines and toilet hygiene problems, it was closed until the 31st of last month.

In the process of preparing for this reopening, Yesan-gun completed floor work in the market, renovated men’s and women’s bedrooms, and improved the exit area. In addition to the five existing businesses, 16 new businesses selling fish cakes, udon noodles, dumplings, tempura, and grilled knife fish will be established.

Baek Jong-won, CEO of The Born Korea (left), and Chungcheongnam-do Governor Kim Tae-heum (right) visit Yesan Market in Chungcheongnam-do, which reopened on the 1st, and look around the operation . Governor Kim is here "In order to solve the parking problem caused by the rapid increase in visitors, we will provide 10 billion won to build a large-scale parking tower in Yesan market."He said. / Photo = Chungcheongnam-do

Some companies used local Eup and Myeon names, such as Daesul Eomuk, Shinyang Tempura, Bongsan Udon, Deoksan Dumplings, and Oga Snack House, to name their names. For family travellers, a snack menu for children to enjoy has also been added. Chungcheongnam-do plans to build a parking tower with 120 parking spaces (two floors, total floor area of ​​4268㎡) by investing 10 billion won by 2025 to solve the parking problem in Yesan market.

CEO Baek said, “Only when everyone participates in the effort to live well together, Yesan Market will be able to run for a long time as a national attraction.” Choi Jae-gu, governor of Yesan County, said, “The county will provide active support so that national interest and support can continue.”

Reporter Hong Min-seong,