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“Important in early treatment of elbow pain-causing internal traumatitis”

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The elbow is the outer part of the joint where the upper and lower joints of the arm are attached, and is one of the joints that are often used when exercising or in everyday life.

Internal trauma is called “golf elbow” because it is said that pain occurs due to inflammation of the protruding bone inside the elbow, and it is often found in golfers. There are many.

According to Gwangmyeong Saeum Hospital on the 29th, internal trauma occurs frequently in people over 25 years of age, and among them, the incidence rate is the highest in their 40s.

If you use your arms and hands a lot, the tendons become inflamed, and if you use them again in an untreated state, the inflammation becomes severe as it repeats.

As a result, the pain is severe when holding an object, weaving a mop, or twisting the wrist or arm. There are many cases of complaining that the elbows are stiff when they wake up from bed.

When the pain begins to appear, it is important to get an initial examination of the pain area through an interview with a specialist, and to check the inflamed area by MRI or ultrasound through an X-ray scan, rather than neglecting it.

Kook Seung-hwan, Director of Gwangmyeong Saeum Hospital (Picture) Said, “The number of patients suffering from Visual Display Terminal (VDT) syndrome, such as golf elbows, is increasing, but it is important to treat it without delay because it can be improved with a simple method if you visit the hospital and treat it at the beginning of the pain.” Advised.

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