Importantly, Biden warned Putin three times not to use nuclear and chemical weapons if he lost.

publication time: 17/09/2022 – 22:32

There is a popular saying in mainland China in recent years: “Important things should be said three times in a row”. In a television interview, US President Biden said three “Don’t” in a row, warning Russian President Vladimir Putin: Do not use weapons of mass destruction such as nuclear weapons and chemical weapons after the blow in the Ukraine war.

Agence France-Presse reported that Biden warned Putin in an exclusive interview with CBS’s “60 Minutes” on Sunday, some of which was pre-aired on the evening of the 17th. When the news anchor asked: “Ukraine is making progress on the battlefield, Putin has become embarrassed and pushed into a corner. And I want to know, Mr. President, what would you say to him if he considering chemical or technical nuclear weapons? ?”

Biden replied: He would say to Putin: “No, no, no. You are going to change the face of war since World War II.”

Biden was then asked what the consequences would be if Putin crossed the red line. Biden responded, “You think I’m going to tell you, do I know exactly the consequences of this? Of course, I’m not going to tell you. But there will be serious consequences,” Biden continued : “They are going to be more than they are in the world. Expats have been more isolated in the past, and what kind of response will there be[rydym yn ei wneud]depends on what they do.”

The US president has warned Russian President Vladimir Putin not to use weapons of mass destruction, including nuclear and chemical weapons, after the standoff in Ukraine. It was a very timely and careful response from Washington. As we all know, the Ukrainian army recently held a major clash in Kharkov, in the northeastern part of Ukraine.. There were frequent reports of success, and the Russian army lost its armor and armor, and the Ukrainian army regained more than 8,000 square kilometer of land. The performance of the Russian military on the battlefield in Ukraine not only disappointed Putin and the Russian government, but was also denounced by many military commentators as “disgraceful”.

The aggressive war against Ukraine that Putin personally directed and used has been over for more than 200 days, but the area of ​​eastern Ukraine, which was bombed indiscriminately by the Russian army for several months, had to be thrown out. to be discarded within a few days. wrong with playing Putin? As the Chinese saying goes, “a dog jumps over the wall” and is “extremely vicious”, will Putin, who cannot think of it, really take risks one day?

The leader of the second nuclear power, Putin, occupied Ukraine’s largest nuclear power plant with armed forces shortly after the war began, arresting and imprisoning the staff of the nuclear power plant, causing panic in Europe over nuclear leaks. Russia also often uses “technical nuclear weapons” to scare the international community. But the terrifying party, like the story of the wolf, has been frightened more and more times, its influence has weakened, and its vigilance has decreased.

US President Biden is old and frail, but his life experience is rich enough. Since the news about the defeat of the Russian army, Biden has not shown any hope of optimism. He believes that the victory in Ukraine does not indicate the turning point of the Russian-Ukrainian war to victory, and the road is still long.

When Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi held a bilateral summit with Putin in Uzbekistan this week, he expressed his concern and concern to Putin over the issue of the war in Ukraine. Modi directly told Putin: “This is not the time for war”. Putin immediately used a deception that could not be justified. First, he said that he was ready to end the war as soon as possible, and then that Ukraine should not negotiate. He forgot to say who started the war in the first place?

Li Zhanshu, the third-ranking member of the Chinese Communist Party of the Communist Party of China, proposed a “coping” technique to the President of the Russian Duma It should be a sincere private conversation between China and Russia. But this was said before it was known that the Russian Udong army had been defeated. It is difficult to say whether he has changed his mind now.

In the high-profile general speech that Xi Jinping read to Putin, he did not mention Ukraine at all, as if a Russian-Ukrainian war did not exist. He avoided the SCO group dinner, but what did he say to Putin in private? No one will know if the Russian side does not break the news in the future. In the public film, the body language of Putin and Xi Jinping is indescribable. Putin stares at Xi Jinping, his eyes are sharp and full of anger. Xi Jinping’s eyes wander around, but they never fall on Putin’s face.

Despite the Russian army’s repeated defeats on the battlefield, Putin has insisted on continuing “special military operations” in Ukraine until now. Moscow claimed that the “retreat” of the Russian army from the Kharkiv region was to strengthen the offensive in the Donbas region in Udon.

It’s understandable human nature to be unwilling to admit you’ve lost a battle, and you don’t have to worry about it. But the arrogance of the arrogant cannot be ignored, so Biden warned Putin: Do not use nuclear and chemical weapons if you lose, and he said “no” three times in a row. This is good for Ukraine, for the world, and for Russia and Putin. “The important thing is said three times”, everyone knows it in China, does Russia understand it?

Xi Jinping has returned to China, and Putin does and cherishes it.

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