Impressive Retirement: Jung Chan-sung bows out after defeating Holloway

Max Holloway Defeats Chan-sung Jung by KO in Retirement Match

August 26 (Korea time) marked an unforgettable moment in the world of mixed martial arts as Max Holloway triumphed over Chansung Jung in their highly anticipated featherweight match at UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Zombie. Holloway’s victory came in the form of a knockout just 23 seconds into the third round, leaving Jung with no choice but to retire from the sport.

This showdown between the two fighters had been a long time coming. Last year, Holloway expressed his desire to go head-to-head with Jung, who had previously announced his retirement after losing his featherweight title bout against Alexander Volkanovski. Unfortunately, the matchup was canceled at the time. However, fate had different plans as Holloway and Jung finally clashed in the octagon.

Holloway proved to be a formidable opponent, as Jung struggled to penetrate his solid defense. Despite his best efforts, Jung could not break through Holloway’s wall, leading to a closely contested first round. However, as the match progressed, Jung’s fatigue became evident. By the third round, he was physically drained, ultimately succumbing to Holloway’s relentless assault and hitting the ground.

Following the fight, Jung made the emotional decision to retire, stating, “I thought I would cry, but there are no tears. I am someone who aspires to be a champion. I believed I could defeat Holloway, and even though I didn’t achieve that goal, I have no regrets.” Jung removed his gloves and bowed deeply to the crowd, a symbolic gesture marking the end of his illustrious career.

In a recent YouTube video, Jung shared more insights into his retirement. He revealed that he had been removed from the UFC roster, confirming the finality of his decision. Reflecting on his last fight against Holloway, Jung admitted that he realized it was time to hang up his gloves, acknowledging that he was no longer the fighter he once was.

Expressing gratitude towards his fans and the UFC, Jung appreciated the overwhelming support he received throughout his career. He thanked UFC President Dana White and Holloway for their kind words regarding his retirement. However, he did express disappointment about someone taking one of his gloves as a memento, as he had wanted to keep it for himself.

Looking towards the future, Jung emphasized his dedication to promoting the sport of martial arts. Despite the criticism and mockery martial arts sometimes face, he vowed to make it the best sport possible and continue to strive for its development.

As the chapter closes on Jung’s fighting career, the impact he has made on the world of mixed martial arts will not be forgotten. His passion, resilience, and unwavering spirit serve as an inspiration to aspiring fighters worldwide.

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[사진] ⓒGettyimages (unauthorized reproduction and redistribution prohibited)

[OSEN=이인환 기자] “I don’t know why you took it”.

On August 26 (Korea time), Singapore Indoor Stadium, UFC Fight Night: Holloway vs. Zombie Korean featherweight Max Holloway match, defeated Chansung Jung by KO in 23 seconds of the third round. Right after this match, Jung Chan-sung announced his retirement and this was his last match.

In April last year, Holloway challenged Chan-sung Jeong, who had expressed his intention to retire after losing his featherweight title match with Alexander Volkanovski (Australia), saying, “I really wanted to fight,” and the game between the two was terminated.

He went into the match with confidence, but Holloway’s wall was still high. Jeong Chan-seong, who led the fight calmly, managed to keep track of sharp punches, and suffered Holloway’s attack to end the first round evenly.

He escaped after much struggle, but his stamina was very tired. In the third round, Chan-sung Jung eventually fell. It looked like they were fighting each other, but Jeong Chan-sung, who was even more shocked, collapsed while swinging a punch. Jeong Chan-seong, who could no longer stand up, was defeated.

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After the match, Jung Chan-sung announced his retirement. She said, “I thought I would cry, but there are no tears. I am a person who aims to become a champion. I thought I could beat Holloway and I did it with no regrets.” “I didn’t do this to come third. Since I couldn’t beat the top spot, I think it’s time to quit,” he said, announcing his retirement.

Jeong Chan-sung removed his gloves on the ring and bowed deeply. The body, head down, had been lying prostrate for a while. Fans chanted “Zombie” and Chan-sung Jeong, who stood up at the end, shed hot tears. The camera saw him off for the last time as he left.

On the 1st, Jung Chan-sung released several episodes about retirement on his YouTube. He said, “I was removed from the UFC roster on the 29th of last month. I realize that I am no longer a fighter.”

He added, “Originally, I wanted to play one more time in Korea, but I thought, ‘Oh, it’s over’ during the match against Holloway. I was convinced that I wasn’t who I was when I was younger.”

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Regarding the support of various legends, Jung Chan-sung smiled, saying, “I wonder what the hell I am. They like me so much. However, looking at the comments, I think I have lived very hard.”

Jung Chan-sung emphasized, “Thanks to UFC President Dana White and Holloway. Both of them really spoke about my retirement and I was happy to be with them.”

Meanwhile, he also talked about his retirement game glove. Jeong Chan-sung expressed regret, saying, “Someone took the glove after seeing me leave,” and “I wanted to take it with me.

Indeed, when one of the gloves disappeared, Jung threw the glove of the other hand into the crowd.

Jeong Chan-seong said, “There are many people who laugh at martial arts, but I will try to make it the best sport. I will do my best to prepare and develop.” /

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