Improve brain degeneration | Memory decline is a precursor to cognitive impairment? Interview with the caregivers of patients with dementia, there is a way to delay “brain failure” |

Improve Brain Degeneration|Medium Chain Fatty Acids (MCT) Help Improve Cognitive Impairment?

Mylene learns that friend’s mother drinks BRAINXPERTMedical brain activation formula improves memory, expresses thoughts easily, and improves mood. So, Mylene started to study BRAINXPERTProduct characteristics and its medical reports.

Mylene pointed out that the brain is like a mechanical engine that needs fuel to operate, and glucose is the fuel for the brain. With age, when the brain cannot fully utilize glucose as an energy source, there is a chance that brain cells will die, resulting in the loss of certain functions or abilities, resulting in cognitive impairment. BRAINXPERTBrain IntelligenceA medical brain-enhancing formula that contains medium-chain fatty acids (MCT), which can be converted into ketones. People with cognitive impairment can use ketones as brain energy to make the brain function more smoothly, thereby improving their memory and cognitive ability.1,2. In addition, BRAINXPERTContains B-vitamins to help maintain nervous system transmission.

BRAINXPERTBrain Intelligence™ Medical Brain Formula is backed by clinical evidence1,2in addition to helping to improve memory, it can also improve literacy and language skills, making thinking faster and multitasking.

Mylene pointed out that although coconut oil contains medium-chain fatty acid MCT, the content of MCT in coconut oil is low, and its saturated fat may affect heart health after long-term consumption. Plus the coconut taste is too strong, not everyone likes it.

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