Imrara ♥ Son Min-soo, part 2 of the best wedding ever revealed… Lee Yong-jin, “The wedding that changed my life” (‘Enjoy Couple’)

[사진]OSEN DB.

[OSEN=김예솔 기자] Son Min-soo and Im Rara couple’s wedding video part 2 has been released.

On the 31st, the YouTube channel ‘Enjoy Couple’ released a video of the last episode of ‘Enjoy Couple Legend Wedding Part 2 Wedding Part 2 subverted by comedians’.

On this day, the second part of Son Min-soo and Imrara Enjoy’s wedding video was released. Part 2 was hosted by comedian Lee Yong-jin, drawing attention. In addition, the second part was a self-produced video by the Enjoy Couple, and the two drew laughs with a video reminiscent of a wrestling match.

[사진]OSEN DB.

[사진]OSEN DB.

Lee Yong-jin said, “I think a comedian will make everyone laugh, but I also like serious things, so I will call the groom seriously.”

Son Min-soo came in along with Tae-min’s ‘Move’ song, and Son Min-soo imitated Tae-min’s dance and laughed. Following that, Imrara entered the ceremony wearing a red dress and waving a bouquet over her head, receiving cheers from the guests. Lee Yong-jin, who saw this, said, “The bride and groom changed everything for a one-time wedding ceremony” and made everyone around them laugh.

[사진]OSEN DB.

[사진]OSEN DB.

This was followed by a congratulatory speech by Eunsa, the life mentor of the bride and groom, and Eunsa said, “Many things pass like a kaleidoscope. Seeing this, Imrara also sheds tears.

Next, singer Lee Moo-jin, who drew attention because of his resemblance to Son Min-soo, performed a congratulatory song. Lee Moo-jin said, “It’s such an honor. I congratulate you very much.” Son Min-soo hugged Lee Moo-jin and said, “Thank you very much. I will repay you.”

[사진]OSEN DB.

[사진]OSEN DB.

Then, the congratulatory stage of the 15th class of SBS comedians moved the viewers. In addition, the singer Jo Hye-ryeon appeared and sang ‘Anakana’ passionately to warm the atmosphere and catch the eye. Cho Hye-ryun blushed, saying, “I really hope you two live well.”

Son Min-soo said, “Thank you for giving time to many people while you are busy.” Imrara said, “I will pray that your life will be filled with fun and happy things, just like the name of our Enjoy Couple.” / [사진 : 유투브채널 ‘엔조이커플’]

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