In 80 hours, 46 minutes and 35 seconds, Beihang students broke the world record for drone battery life_ Feng Ru

Original title: 80 hours, 46 minutes and 35 seconds, Beihang students broke the world record for drone battery life

According to the official release of Beijing University of Aeronautics and Astronautics, IT House October 3 A new world record for drone flight time.

▲”Fengru-3-100″ UAV

The “Fengru-3-100” drone developed by the Beihang “Fengru-3” team continued to fly for 80 hours, 46 minutes and 35 seconds. It once again broke the heavyweight world record held by itself, and successfully surpassed that of the American Aurora. The “Orion” 2500-10000kg class oil-powered fixed-wing UAV developed by Flight Science Corporation set a world record of 80 hours, 2 minutes and 52 seconds in 2014, and it has become the world’s oil-powered fixed-wing UAV (no difference in weight level) Top of the list for battery life.

▲ Announcement of World Records

In October 2019, the members of the first phase of the Beihang “Feng Ru 3” team set a world record for the endurance time of a 25-100kg oil-powered fixed-wing UAV with an endurance time of 30 hours, 6 minutes and 42 seconds. In the following two years, the team continued to innovate, enabling the “Fengru-3-100” UAV to have a high-strength structure, ultra-low fuel consumption and fully autonomous flight control capabilities.

The record-breaking team for the second phase consists of 25 undergraduates from four grades and different majors. The average age is no more than 20 years old, and more than 90% are post-00s. The flight test was carried out in Xuchang, Henan. The aircraft circled at an altitude of 300 meters. No refueling was allowed during the flight. The aircraft’s ultimate flight capability was tested on the established fuel volume.

IT Home was informed that the “Fengru-3-100” UAV was developed, designed, and manufactured by the Beihang “Fengru-3” team. The aircraft is black, with a wingspan of about 10 meters, and a submarine-shaped fuselage made of carbon fiber composite materials. The UAV is powered by a gasoline engine and has a total weight of about 60kg after being filled with fuel. During the flight, it carries a simulated load of about 3kg. The ultimate goal is to carry a payload of about 10-15kg and fly in the air for 5 days. Applications include surveying and mapping, communications, and reconnaissance.

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