In accordance with the customs of Superintendent Ryu Mi-jin, he leaves the situation room … In general

84 minutes after the disaster… “After deploying personnel, report to the head of the Seoul Metropolitan Government”
“I am sorry for not being able to work faithfully… Deep meditation in my heart” crying
On the day of the disaster, the 112 Situation Room call diary says ‘nothing special’

On the day of the Itaewon disaster, Ryu Mi-jin, former head of the personnel education department at the Seoul Metropolitan Government, who was working as a situation manager at the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency, said on the 16th that she discovered the situation belatedly because she was staying in his office, not the situation room 112, where he was on duty.

Superintendent Ryu appeared as a witness at the plenary meeting of the Public Administration and Security Committee of the National Assembly and said, “I received the first report at 11:39 pm that there was a report of a stampede in the situation room.”

When Superintendent Liu became aware of the stampede, it was 1 hour and 24 minutes after the accident occurred.

Before the accident, the fire department’s two requests for a joint response also answered, “We have not received a report.”

At the same time, he said it was ‘usual’ for the situation manager to stay in his office, not the situation room, and he said, “I don’t know how the (situation room) agents worked at the time.”

Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency Commissioner Kim Gwang-ho received a report from Superintendent Ryu at 0:01 the day after the disaster.

Superintendent Ryu explained that he had sent personnel to the scene for about 20 minutes until he was aware of the accident and had informed Commissioner Kim.

He said, “After returning to the situation room, I heard that the Yongsan Police Station had already reported, and that the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency was going to the scene,” he said.

On the day of the disaster, it was revealed that the Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s 112 Situation Room call duty log was also poorly prepared that day.

Representative Yong Hye-in of the Basic Income Party said that after receiving and checking the situation room duty diary that day, there was no information about crowds flocking to Itaewon or reports of concerns about being crushed, and it was only written as “nothing special. .”

Superintendent Ryu said that he had not been taken over because of the situation where crowds of people gathered to enjoy Halloween in large areas of Seoul.

Superintendent Ryu apologized to the bereaved family and the public while crying several times during his answers.

He said, “I reflect deeply on my inability to work faithfully as a manager of the situation that day, and I feel responsible for what I was not aware of until such a great disaster occurred. “

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