In anticipation of the fall season, the government is studying sewage “problems”.

Today, Monday, the Mauritanian government discussed sanitation problems at the national level, and proposed sectoral solutions, in anticipation of the upcoming rainy season, amid expectations of an early fall season.

The ministerial committee in charge of urgently dealing with the effects caused by the rains, headed by Prime Minister Mohamed Ould Bilal Massoud, issued recommendations regarding dealing with the rain residues.

Among these recommendations is “accelerating the implementation of the technical proposals of some technical committees that recommended linking some areas to the capital, which suffer from topographical low soil levels, by integrating them into the rainwater drainage system of the city of Nouakchott.”

And she stressed the need to “raise the topographical level of many streets and road junctions in the city, taking into account the level of rain flows that witnessed a significant increase in the past seasons.”

Prime Minister Ould Bilal Massoud called on the sectors involved in this field to “further redouble efforts in order to raise the level of performance and with more coordination in all areas of intervention.”

The government’s urgent plan comes after the Meteorological Authority expected that large areas of Mauritania would witness light to moderate rainfall, starting from the ninth to the fourteenth of this month.

This rain is expected to include the states of Adrar, Takant, the two basins and the southern region of the country, according to the same source.

Meteorologist Omar Konati says that the southern current is expected to reach “next week in the center of the country, where the tropical front will advance towards Adrar and Inchiri to pass over Nouakchott, which will cause clouds and rain to enter the weekend,” as he put it.

He added, “According to satellite images, these clouds, after entering the two basins on Monday, may continue their way towards Brakna and Outrarza on Tuesday and Wednesday, and if this occurs, it will be a promising start for the thunderstorms to continue on the course of last year.”

Konati stressed that “all indications still point to a good and rainy autumn in all regions of the country, with God’s will and strength,” he said.

And witness Mauritania in all Weather autumn Incidents of children drowning in ponds and valleys in areas that witness heavy rains, in addition to damage to residential pergolas, due to the fragile nature of many homes inside the country..

And it depends a lot from families inside country on her livestock, considered Weather rainsdespite accidents repeated that you leave itWeather joy to mostMauritanians.


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