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In-depth policy [email protected] moving forward to send Thailand as Regional electric vehicle production base in 2030

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Did you know that Thailand is moving towards becoming? “Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Base” and important parts of the world by the National Electric Vehicle Policy Committee Has issued guidelines to promote electric vehicles (EV) according to policy [email protected], which is to set a target to produce ZEV (Zero Emission Vehicle) or zero emission vehicles. To achieve at least 30% of all automotive production by 2030 or 2030 is another mechanism that will lead Thailand into a low-carbon society in the future. full

There is also innovation and technology. To lay the foundation for the full use of electric vehicles in Thailand, such as PEA VOLTA Application To facilitate the drivers of electric vehicles, use the service of charging stations quickly and efficiently.
While under the operation of Thai Electric Vehicle Association (EVAT) There are also good projects focusing on promoting and develop electric vehicle personnel along with promoting the industry according to the policy [email protected] by collaborating with a network of partners from various agencies to focus on knowledge development and innovations to meet the needs of the electric vehicle industry on all platforms as well

Get to know the policy [email protected] pushing Thailand to become a global electric vehicle production base

As previously mentioned, the [email protected] policy is the latest policy. The first is the development of the electric vehicle and electric vehicle parts manufacturing industry in Thailand, and the second is the impact on the environment. with moving towards a low-carbon society in the near future
from news reports published in Facebook : Thai Electric Vehicle Association (EVAT) According to the National Electric Vehicle Policy Committee Meeting No. 2/2564 in May, the production and use of ZEVs were set as the starting point for cooperation between all relevant sectors. to achieve the goal in 2030 or 2030 The details are as follows.
  • Electric vehicle production goals
725,000 passenger cars and pickup trucks, 675,000 motorcycles, 34,000 buses and trucks, and the production of tricycles, passenger ships and rail trains were also promoted.

  • The goal of promoting the use of electric vehicles
in the category of 440,000 passenger cars and pickup trucks, 650,000 motorcycles, 33,000 buses and trucks, as well as targeting the promotion of 12,000 fast charge public electric vehicle charging stations and 1,450 electric motorcycle battery swap stations; and There are measures to promote ZEV in various fields, including:
One : Promotion of electric vehicle and parts manufacturing industry to make Thailand a base for producing electric vehicles and parts Standards have been set to cover motor vehicles and key parts. Plan to promote entrepreneurs to support the transition to electric vehicles and plans related to personnel and manpower development
Two: Promoting the use of electric vehicles Both tax and non-tax measures, with Quick win measures to promote the use of electric motorcycles by commercial transport businesses and government agencies.
Third : Developing infrastructure to support electric vehicles both promoting the charging station Developing laws and regulations related to charging and promoting smart grid technology Including the promotion of the electric vehicle battery manufacturing industry and the use of domestically produced batteries. Used battery management and manpower development

PEA VOLTA Application

LAUNCH PEA VOLTA Application for Thai electric vehicle users

Many people may not know that in 2021, the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) has developed PEA VOLTA Application To facilitate the drivers of electric vehicles, use the service of charging stations quickly and efficiently. The user can use the map system to navigate to the station. Check the status of the charger that needs to know the operation of the electric vehicle’s charging system and battery. Manage your electric vehicle charging time
In this regard, PEA has opened PEA VOLTA service at 6 Bangchak gas stations. Users can use the service via PEA VOLTA Application, which can be downloaded from both Play Store and App Store 24 hours a day from March 12, 2021.
by PEA TIME is the answer for all users of electric vehicles There are convenient functions such as a navigation map system to charging stations in the Provincial Electricity Authority (PEA) network. both top up Operate the charger and payment of services quickly, which PEA will develop various functions to meet the needs of more electric vehicle users


Charging an electric vehicle with a 50 kilowatt hour (kWh) battery, which if charged during peak, costs 7.5489 baht per unit, equivalent to 377.45 baht. If charging during off-peak, it costs 4.1663 baht per unit. accounted for 208.31 baht (from 0-100%), predicting that in the future there will be more people to use especially private cars

Join the development of electric vehicle manpower. with competition Prove the competency of Thai personnel

As for the mission of human resource development in electric vehicles Kritsada Uttamote President of the Thai Electric Vehicle Association (EVAT) said that
“The Thai Electric Vehicle Association attaches great importance to promoting and develop personnel in electric vehicles by collaborating with a network of partners from various agencies in order to develop knowledge and innovation to meet the needs of the electric vehicle industry on every platform.”
“And in order to raise the level of knowledge and understanding of electric vehicle technology to occur in a wide area, the association therefore initiatedModified electric motorcycle competition project for future businessto provide opportunities for both students and those who are interested in developing drivetrain and control systems, as well as designing electric motorcycles to expand commercial opportunities in the future.”

Electric motorcycles adapted for future business

“The contestants must present their ideas. and plans to convert motorcycles into electric motorcycles both technically In addition, virtual electric motorcycle modifications must also be carried out and a two-week performance report must be submitted to the competition judging panel.”
side Asst. Prof. Dr. Uthen Supatti Vice President for Academic Affairs, Electric Vehicle Association and the project leader provide more information that “This electric motorcycle modification competition is not just a competition. But it is an important step for Thai people to develop the electric vehicle industry in the country. This requires knowledge from a variety of disciplines, especially in mechanical engineering, electrical engineering, computer engineering. and control system engineering

“The Thai Electric Vehicle Association has foreseen that Organizing such activities is a stimulus. and develop personnel, both students and the general public To have knowledge and understanding in the development of electric vehicles to achieve design concepts according to engineering principles. and aware of safety as well as expanding to the development of other types of electric vehicles and can be further developed to create a new business in the modified car industry.”
The prizes for this competition will be divided into two categories: educational institutions. and general public The winning prize is up to 100,000 baht. The 1st runner up receives a 50,000 baht support prize. The 2nd runner-up prize receives a prize of over 30,000 baht. Every award will receive a trophy. certificate with the above support prize money The field competition will be held in January 2022. Stay tuned for more details in Facebook : Thai Electric Vehicle Association

Update cooperation of all parties. in turning to push the Thai electric vehicle industry to develop progressively

Looking at the progress of the EEC’s EV conversion mission, a strategy to prepare for Thailand Smooth transition to electric vehicle industry

Build an ecosystem for the electric vehicle industry to move forward through the crisis with comprehensive investment promotion

Accelerate the new economy, circular economy with industry “Electric Vehicle Modified”

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