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In Gyo-jin’s thoughts on the ending of ‘Gae Village Cha-Cha-Cha’ “A clean work that gave me good memories”

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[뉴스토마토 신상민 기자] Actress In Gyo-jinGaet Village Cha Cha Chaexpressed his affection for.

Last 17Work the t.v Saturday and Sunday dramaGaet Village Cha Cha Chaended with a happy ending full of. It is a work that made weekend nights happier with a story that gave healing and a romance that stimulated excitement., There were many voices of disappointment about the ending..

Among them, he stole the hearts of viewers with his passionate acting.Sim StealerIn Gyo-jin is also interested. In Gyo-jin takes on the role of Jang Young-guk, Gong-jin’s youngest co-director in the play, and breathes life into the story.. It makes Jang Young-guk’s warmth and human charm stand out., He showed an expert skill in sublimating into laughter even in parts that might seem offensive..

In Gyo-jin’s broad acting spectrum also contributed to enhancing the character’s charm.. From simple pleasure to regretful affection, the character’s various emotions were conveyed, giving viewers a gift-like time.. especially Yeo Hwa-jeong(Bong-Ryeon Lee)The scene in which he sadly confessed his love to him left a deep impression.. Jang Young-guk’s sincere heart was shown with endless tears and desperate emotions, and the immersion was further doubled..

like thisGaet Village Cha Cha ChaIn Gyo-jin, who served as a powerful pillar supporting the “’could have done betterThere are regrets, but because I received a lot of lovereally happyI thought a lot about. for meGaet Village Cha Cha Chais a work that gave only good memories, I will miss you for a long timeHe expressed his regret.

Followinglaugh cheatWhen asked what point to focus on to digest Jang Young-guk, who has the title of, he isJang Young-gukGaet Village Cha Cha ChaHe is a character that fits well with his rough but pleasant atmosphere.. So I thought a lot about how to express England in a more interesting way., I focused on how the character could fit into the work.said la. This is an episode where you can feel the passionate passion and affection of In Gyo-jin..

Finally, In Gyo-jinGaet Village Cha Cha Chato the listeners ofLike a lighthouse that illuminates the sea path, viewers’ loveGaet Village Cha Cha ChaI think you made it even more beautiful. Thank you very much for your support and interest.. Thanks to all of you, I had so much fun and happy while filmingHe ended his speech with a thank-you note..

In Gyo-jin’s special presence stands out the t.v Saturday and Sunday dramaGaet Village Cha Cha Chais the last 17The highest viewership rating 12.7%It ended in popularity with.

In Gyo-jin’s thoughts on the ending of ‘Gae Village Cha-Cha-Cha’. Photography/H&Entertainment

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