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Thanks to his involvement in getting everyone to mobilize for development, the sons and daughters of Klobatémé can combine their joint efforts in favor of development. The mayor of Gulf 1 played an important role.

To work in synergy, a new day is dawning in Klobatémé in the territorial jurisdiction of the Gulf 1 commune. Gblokpo Koamy Gomado, mayor of Gulf 1 went to the meeting in this locality in the presence of the village development committees (CDQ), neighborhood development committees (CDQ). Without forgetting the presence of the village chief, his notables, advisors and youth groups.

Faced with the participants in this meeting with the mayor, the discussions revealed that the effective implementation of the municipal agenda in favor of the development of the municipality will not suffer. And for good reason. The mayor addressed questions concerning the management of infrastructure from which the village benefits.

“The management of drinking fountains, the local medical-social center, as well as certain infrastructures requires good understanding between the different stakeholders for harmonious development,” the mayor reminded the audience.

The construction of new modern cemeteries was not neglected during the discussions. A project well received by the communities as well as by the local leaders who will be involved in the management of the said project.

Needs were raised by residents, notably the state of the main street and that leading to the Klobateme CEG on the eve of the start of the school year.

Other concerns related to electricity have not been neglected, without forgetting the need of women to create a market for the sale of market garden products.

Koamy Gomado therefore reassured all of these stakeholders about the provision of a technical team to assist all stakeholders in the value chain in the management of local affairs, particularly with regard to water.

The committee thus mentioned will be made up of representatives of the technical service, the planning and development department, as well as the social affairs department. A next meeting is expected on September 23.

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