In one day, 107 artificial rainfall improvement operations were carried out, and light to moderate rain fell in many places in the north Hunan-News-Hunan Online

Huasheng Online, September 22 (all-media reporter Hu Panpan reporter Wan Xiecheng) The reporter learned today from the Office of the Provincial Weather Modification Leading Group Office that on the 21st, the province carried out 107 artificial rainfall improvement operations, and many from areas in northern Hunan generally fell to moderate rain.

(September 21st Artificial rain improvement operation and live rainfall)

The drought situation continued to develop, and the artificial rain improvement action points in the province continued to protect, seize the opportunity to carry out operations. Affected by the cold air moving south and the mid- and low-level shear, many places on the 21st had better conditions for artificial precipitation. The state meteorological department conducted 107 rain enhancement operations in 12 cities, precincts, 42 counties and urban areas. According to meteorological monitoring, light rain generally fell in Xiangxi Tujia and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, Zhangjiajie, Changde, Yiyang, Yueyang, northern Changsha, northern Huaihua, and northern Loudi. In 17 stations, there was moderate to heavy rain, and the most was 20.2 mm in Dongyueguan Town, Cili. The high forest fire danger level in the above operation areas was alleviated, and the drought was alleviated to some extent.

(Meteorological drought monitoring on 21 September)

Monitoring shows that all 122 counties and cities in the state have currently reached a moderate or higher drought level, and that 119 counties and cities have reached a severe or higher drought level, accounting for 99.9% of the area of ​​the province. The weather forecast said that there will be light rain on cloudy days in central and northern Hunan on the 22nd, and light to moderate rain on cloudy days in northern Hunan on the 24th. Tang Lin, deputy director of the Provincial Weather Modification Leading Group Office, said on the 22nd in central and northern Hunan, and on the 24th in northern Hunan, we will seize favorable weather and strengthen the organization of artificial precipitation operations.

(First trial, second trial Zhang Shangwu, third trial Li Zhilin, Deng Meihui)

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