In Pics : See clearly! North Korea releases pictures of the second shooting ‘Missile from the train’ hits the target with precision.

North Korean state media have released images of two missiles being launched from a launch pad mounted on a moving train. During yesterday’s test (Jan. 14), which marks the third missile launch in just two weeks,

South Korea’s Joint Chiefs of Staff said on Tuesday that two short-range ballistic missiles had been detected fired from North Pyongan province on the northwest coast of North Korea. towards the eastern sea It travels about 430 kilometers and has a maximum flight ceiling of 36 kilometers.

Most recently, Pyongyang’s state-run news agency KCNA reported today that the fire drill was aimed at “To examine and measure the potential of the railway forces (railway-borne regiment)” It is specially designed to counter attack all types of threats. North Korea has tested a ballistic missile from a train once this month. Sep last year

The missile test is also North Korea’s third since the New Year holiday, which it has called “extremely close”. “Hypersonic missiles” that can travel supersonic and control direction.

The two tactical guided missiles were directed at precisely targeted targets on the east coast, the KCNA said. which reflects that North Korean Railway Troops “Possibility to organize strategies It has a high maneuverability and accuracy in attacking targets,” and officials are in discussions to deploy the missile system at various points across the country.

North Korea claims that these missile tests are The “right to self-defense” and accused the United States of that deliberately turn this matter into an international problem to be used as an excuse to boycott

The United States, led by President Joe Biden, on Wednesday announced sanctions on North Korea’s weapons program for the first time, targeting six North Koreans, a Russian and a Russian company. which Washington stated behind the supply of various products from Russia and China for North Korea’s weapons program

source: Reuters



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