In Pokemon GO and Johto Tour, a new evolution group of gold and silver has also appeared.Effie Blackie is exempt from 10km and learns limited moves –Engadget Japanese version

Pokemon GO

Pokemon GO has announced additional information for the big event “Pokémon GO Tour: Johto Region”.

On the day of the event on February 26, not only Pokemon first found in the Johto region, which is the stage of Pokemon Gold and Silver, but also Pokemon in the Kanto region where new evolutions of Pokemon gold and silver such as Eevee and Onix have been added. Will appear. It is not limited to ticket purchasers, but is something that all players can experience.

In particular, Eevee is exempt from “walking 10km as a partner”, which is an evolutionary condition for Effie Blackie found in the Johto region. If you evolve during the event, you can also learn “Shadow Ball” and “Psychokinesis”, which were specially designed for Community Day.

Kanto Pokemon that appears in “Pokémon GO Tour: Johto”

The numbers in parentheses are the evolution of the Johto region / Pokemon Gold and Silver that first appeared.

  • Poliwhirl (Poliwhirl)

  • Golbat (Crobat)

  • Gloom (Bellossom)

  • Slowpoke (Slowking)

  • Onix (Steelix)

  • Lucky (Blissey)

  • Seadra (Kingdra)

  • Strike (Hassam)

  • Polygon (Polygon 2)

  • Eevee (Effie Blackie)

These Pokemon also appear in front of players who have not purchased tickets. Evolved items required by many Pokemon are available as rewards for limited special research to ticket purchasers. (Even if you are not a ticket purchaser, it seems that you will have a surplus if you play to some extent).

Eevee is usually a companion who walks 10km and then evolves to become Espeon during the day and blackie at night. However, during the Johto Tour event, this 10km condition is exempted from 9 am to 9 pm on February 26th. You will be able to choose the evolution to either one only by the time zone.

If you evolve it during the event, you will be able to learn Shadow Ball (Effie) and Psychokinesis (Blackie), which were previously limited to Community Day.

In addition, on the Johto Tour, you can get a lineup of different-colored Pokemon from the Johto region, which had not been lifted until now, and if you purchase a ticket, you can get limited-edition Celebi, different-colored Gyarados, etc. through limited special research.

Includes many benefits such as the appearance of Unown G ・ O ・ T ・ U ・ R ・ J, egg hatching distance 1/4, 9 free raid passes, and the right to challenge the monthly time challenge for February with early purchase. The content.

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