In Saudi Arabia, repatriation is taking effect today in three other areas of employment

In Saudi Arabia, repatriation took effect today in three other areas of employment. From today, Saudiization will take effect in the areas of customs clearance, driving schools and engineering and technical occupations. Through these sectors, more than 22,000 jobs will be created for the natives from the private sector.

Earlier this year, the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development had announced that 3,78,000 jobs would be created for the natives in the private sector. As part of this, indigenization will be implemented in three more regions from today. Customs clearance, driving schools, engineering and technical jobs are the occupations in which Saudiization will take effect from today.

The condition is that the minimum wage for natives employed in this sector should not be less than five thousand riyals. More than 2,000 jobs are expected from the customs clearance sector, 8,000 jobs from the driving school sector and 12,000 jobs from the engineering and technology sectors alone. According to the list classified by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Development, Saudiization will be implemented in all professions, including engineering and technical professions. The decision applies to all companies in the private sector that employ five or more workers in this sector.



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