In Sharjah, police thwarted an attempt to smuggle drugs through the port

Sharjah Police foiled a massive drug smuggling attempt in Sharjah. 216 kg of drugs were seized. 170 kg hashish, 46 kg crystal meth and 500 captagon tablets were seized. The drug was intended to be smuggled through a port in the United Arab Emirates and distributed throughout the country. Officials in Sharjah were given confidential information about this. After that, a task force was formed with the help of police forces in Abu Dhabi and Umm al-Quwain and carried out an operation called Precious Hunt, said the director of the anti-narcotics department, Lt. said Colonel Majeed Al Azzam. Officials have identified the main suspect who came to the UAE to receive drugs. The suspect, who was under surveillance, was seen going to a nearby residence in the emirate and was followed by the officers. Lt said. that his house was prepared as a warehouse to hide drugs. Colonel Al Azam said.

During the investigation, the time and port of delivery of the cargo was raided. Police did not reveal when the raid took place. The arrested said the drugs belonged to four different criminal gangs. Other accused who were arrested as part of the operation are being questioned. All suspicious activity to 8004654 Lt. Colonel Majeed appealed to the public.


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The fight against drug addiction is strong in Sharjah

Sharjah Police seized 1,100 kilograms of narcotics last year and thwarted a major drug smuggling attempt. A year-end police report shows that 822 kilograms of crystal meth, 251 kilograms of heroin, 94 kilograms of hashish and more than 3.4 million pills of various types were seized.

Narcotics with a commercial value of Dh135.4 million ($36.8 million) were seized in ongoing operations. These include Operation Rasheed in May, when 115kg of the drug was seized, and Operation Poisoned Rope in June, when 215kg of crystal meth and heroin were seized in the emirate’s Port Khalid.

Sharjah Police Chief Commander Saif Al Shamsi said officers are working very hard to combat serious crimes including drug trafficking, murder and rape. Major General Shamsi said that the fight will continue and that everyone in the police is doing their best and it is clear that the serious crime rate has decreased by 7.6 percent.

The rate of registered crimes against unknown offenders increased by 21 per cent last year. Increasing efforts to maintain security in the emirate, Sharjah Police is focusing on cutting-edge technology, detecting crime-prone areas and launching projects to make streets safer. Surveillance cameras installed in various places have been linked directly to the police control room and patrols have been increased. A new laboratory was opened with 402 high-tech equipment.

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