In “Splatoon 3”, the act of earning money by quitting the game “Lacto rigging” is considered a problem. The focus of the discussion is “whether it causes trouble for others or not” – AUTOMATON

It’s been two weeks since its release, and it’s getting even more exciting.platoon 3‘. However, some players seem to be playing a game called “Racto-rigging” as a highly efficient way to earn money. It is considered a problem because it can be a nuisance and there are concerns that it will adversely affect the game. On the other hand, there seems to be a positive view that it is acceptable as long as it does not involve other players.

“lact rigging” is a regular match where you bring the bow bookie “LACT-450” into the regular game, and everyone, regardless of whether you are an enemy or’ n ally, continuously painting the floor. . Taking advantage of the fact that the amount of rewards in the Battle of Nawabari is determined by the painting points, it is possible to gain painting points by continuing to paint back the places that the opponent has painted, and get rewards more efficient than usual in one battle. The reason why LACT-450 was chosen among the many buki is that it has high coating efficiency and is easy to apply on any platform. Also, if you look closely, the LACT-450 is not a particularly easy weapon to adopt in the environment at the time of writing this article. It is rare for two or more players to use the LACT-450 in one team, and one possible reason is that it is easy to recognize each other as a player for the purpose of “Lact rigging”.

As a background of “Lacto-rigio”, there is a current situation where the coins of this work tend to be short. Compared to the previous work, Buki has been changed in exchange for the Bukichi license. However, new gacha systems and zacca shops have appeared, and the number of scenes where coins are needed is increasing. Of course, as before, you will need a large amount of coins to customize the “gear” that gives special abilities during battle. Not only players who want to choose gear carefully, but also players who want to collect a large number of collectibles will run out of money.

The need for money will probably create an incentive to increase the incentive to play. There are many people working hard to earn money in Salmon Run co-op play mode. However, some people seem to value speed, and in terms of time efficiency and difficulty, “Lacto-rigio” wins. The current situation where players easily run out of money is believed to have led to the act of winning money called “Racto bid-rigging.”

The problem with “Lacto-rigging” is that it is mostly a nuisance to other players who want to play regular games. In fact, on SNS, players involved in “Rakuto bid rigging” can be seen being trampled. As long as he participates in regular games, Udemae’s rank will not be affected, but it is a problem for players who want to play seriously. The in-game reporting function also has a “repeat non-game actions” item. Collusive actions in regular matches may be subject to penalties. Above all, players who currently use the LACT-450 to fight happily will not have the image of the LACT-450 tarnished as a tool used for collusion.

On the other hand, it seems that some players do not consider lacto rigging to be an NG-only action. This is the opinion that as long as you play with 8 players on the premise that you will engage in “Lacto rigging” from the beginning, you will not bother other players. In fact, there are players who gather participants outside the game such as SNS and engage in collusion to prevent individual players from joining an agreement. Also, some players seem to have understood the current situation where coins in this work tend to run out.

VTuber’s sister Miro Amakusa asks for a questionnaire on Twitter about the pros and cons of lacto rigging that doesn’t involve other players. The point of contention is the act of the eight participants playing for the purpose of “lacto rigging” without involving other players. As a result, out of 1,878 votes, 42.1% said, “You can do it,” and 57.9%, “You can’t do it.” The results show that there are many negative things, but the positive things also account for 40% of the whole survey, which shows that the opinion is divided. In response to the results of the questionnaire, Mr. Miro Amakusa said there was concern that the act of rigging bids itself would adversely affect the game system. He added, “If you like platoon, give it up.”

Such collusion in regular games is clearly not the intended way of playing. Not only is it a nuisance, but even if it doesn’t involve other players, the impact on the game is immeasurable. On the other hand, it is also true that there are many players who suffer from a lack of money, and the desperate measures they have created can be considered “Racto bid-rigging”. However, “Splatoon 3” is designed with the goal of being played by players over the long term. Although it is up to the individual how to play, attempts to quickly earn money and consume content in an unnatural way in the short term are probably not very suitable for games.

The festival is scheduled to start from September 24th, and this work is expected to be even more exciting. I want you to play this work in a way that you can enjoy yourself without bothering others.

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