“In Stars and Time” turn-based RPG repo[TGS2022]which fuses a rock-paper-scissors 3-loop system with | loops Game * Spark

“Tokyo Game Show 2022″, the largest game exhibition in Japan, was held on the real location of Chiba Makuhari Messe, which expanded in scale from 2021, and the online platform. Insertdisc5” time loop adventure RPGIn Stars and Time]We will present the play report.

This work is an RPG that explores how the hero trapped in a time loop can be freed from the loop. In the version displayed at TGS2022, everything was Japanese, and you could experience the individuality of the system. As for the game system, it follows the three tripping elements of rock paper scissors, each character has an attribute of Goo / Choki / Par, and like rock paper scissors, depending on the compatibility, you can give a large amount of damage .

Shiffrin is the main character
Weaknesses and resistances are different for each character
Even if the attributes are different, it is possible to make other moves from the craft

Of course, the characters in the party also have rock paper scissors attributes, so if they are not compatible, they will naturally be easily defeated. What I thought while playing was that it was surprisingly easy for allies to be defeated. If you understand the core of the system better, you can deal with different things, so it seems that it will not be very stressful. On the other hand, one battle time is short, and it is one of the fun that you can easily defeat the enemy by exploiting the enemy’s weak point.

In order to know the rock paper scissors attribute of the enemy, it is necessary to observe graphics etc.
When you examine the object, the main character’s monologue will play.
In some cases, conversations with related characters will occur, so it has a charm that makes you want to investigate anything.

The characters drawn in gray are particularly attractive. As the author has said before that he was influenced by “Undertale”, the battle screen and the representation on the map are somewhat similar. In addition, the conversation that occurs by examining the previous item will give you tips for the game, and it is also an element that investigates the character’s charm, so it is full of charm that makes you make you want to investigate one after another. .

“In Stars and Time” will be released for PC (Steam) / Nintendo Switch. The Nintendo Switch version is targeted for release in 2023.

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