In TDL / TDS, the “Disney look” that marks the appearance of the cast will be partially changed from April 1-GAME Watch

On April 1st, Oriental Land Co., Ltd. introduced “Disney Look” regulating the appearance of cast members in its theme parks “Tokyo Disneyland” and “Tokyo DisneySea” to support the environment so that employees can work comfortably and change part .

Due to this change, in line with the changes in the company’s environment, the gender notation has been removed and the content has been changed to be genderless. In terms of hairstyles and make-up, as well as unifying the same content for all castes regardless of gender, the content of hair color and hairstyles will be relaxed within the range that meets the nurturing requirements inappropriate relationship for castes.

Additionally, we are gradually introducing unisex functionality for some costumes, removing the gendered designation of costumes and allowing the cast to wear the costumes they want. In both parks, there are different types of costumes, emphasizing themes that match the parks and areas, and the functionality of the work. They can be chosen according to individual wishes.

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