In the absence of a major game company… E3, North America’s biggest game show, was ultimately cancelled

Correspondent Bae Han-nim of Today’s Money | 2023.03.31 08:38

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The ‘E3 2018’ game show held at the Los Angeles Convention Center, USA. /Photo = News 1

E3 2023, one of the world’s biggest gaming events, has officially been cancelled. It was due to be revived four years after Corona 19, but it is understood that it was deemed that the event could not be held after the global games industry went into austerity mode and declared non-participation continuously.

On the 30th (local time), the Entertainment Software Association of America (ESA) announced that E3 2023 will not be held, according to foreign media such as US technology media The Verge. All offline events scheduled for June 13-16, as well as online events scheduled for June 11-16, have all been cancelled.

The Verge explained, “The event was canceled as all of the huge game companies such as Nintendo, Microsoft, and Ubisoft announced that they would not be participating in the event.”

E3, held in Los Angeles, is the largest game show in North America and is considered one of the top three game shows in the world along with Germany’s Gamescom and Japan’s Tokyo Game Show. It was supposed to be revived this year after failing to open due to the influence of the Corona 19 pandemic since 2019. However, even before the opening, console game companies such as Sony and Nintendo announced their absence, and major publishers such as Tencent and Ubisoft also their intention not to participate, making it unclear whether the event will take place.

Kyle Mazden-Kish, vice president of leadpop, a global gaming company, told The Verge, “Companies may not have prepared a playable demo, and budget issues made it difficult to attend E3.”

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