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An elementary school student in Florida has been arrested for threatening mass shootings with fake text messages, amid the continuing shock of the Texas shootings. A state of emergency has been declared in five states in northeastern Brazil, where more than 90 people have been killed in torrential rains. Let’s start morning & world. Reporter Ahn Eui-geun, who is in charge of in-depth coverage of international diplomacy and security, has arrived.

This happened in a situation where the aftermath of the shooting was great.


That’s right. First, let’s start with the video uploaded by the local sheriff’s office in Florida.

A fifth-grade student, who looks still young, is caught and arrested by a sheriff with his hands tied.

The Lee County Sheriff’s Office in Florida said on the 28th local time that a fifth-grade student was aware of a mass shooting threat by text message and immediately arrested the student.

“This student’s behavior is terrifying,” said one sheriff.

“Now is not the time to act like a small flight,” he warned.

The New York Times reported that although Daniel Defense, the gun company used in the Texas shootings, is expressing consideration and prayers to UvalD in the pop-up window on its homepage, if you delete the pop-up window, various gun photos are displayed.

The company is infamous for its online marketing and anti-gun lobbying, including advertising videogames that are reminiscent of video games, especially targeting young people, such as the perpetrators of the shooting, the New York Times pointed out.


Advertising guns online and making them available for purchase doesn’t make much sense to us. Heavy rain damage is very serious in Brazil?


So far, 91 people have died.

More than 30 people are missing.

To make matters worse, as heavy rain is forecasted in the five northeastern states, including Pernambuco, where heavy rains have occurred, each state government has declared a state of emergency.

The Mayor of Recife, the capital of Pernambuco, called it “the biggest disaster in the last 50 years”.

Let’s listen to the victims of the burial accident.

[시스로 아마로 다 실바/매몰 피해자 오빠 : 수색팀이 여동생과 다른 사람 4명을 찾았어요. 여동생 남편은 못 찾았어요. 저기 근처에 묻혀 있을 텐데요. 사람들이 파고 있어요. 거기에 있을 거라고 보고 기다리고 있습니다.]


The damage is serious. What’s the last news?


The famous painting Mona Lisa by Leonardo da Vinci at the Louvre in Paris.

As many of you can see, I’m shooting with a camera and a cell phone.

However, it looks a little different than usual.

If you look closely, you can see that the cake is buried under the Mona Lisa painting.

It was a kind of ‘cake terrorism’.

Fortunately, it is wrapped in bulletproof glass, so there is no problem with the picture.

It is said that the criminal threw a cake to break the bulletproof glass.

The criminal, being dragged away by a security guard, is said to have shouted “Think of the Earth” in French.

Who the culprit was and why he acted like this was not revealed in detail.


I don’t quite understand how the Mona Lisa and global environmental issues are related. Up until now, I was a reporter for Morning & World, Ahn Eui-geun.

(Screen source: Facebook ‘Lee County Sheriff’s Office’ Daniel Defense website The New York Times)

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