In the country – ‘Doctor Thira’ advises the government to adjust measures to control the coronavirus Focus on providing highly effective vaccines

Sunday, August 8, 2021, 09.30 a.m.

Dr. Thira advises the government to adjust measures to control the coronavirus Focus on providing highly effective vaccines

August 8, 2021 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Teera Woratanarat Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University Post a message via Facebook Thira Woratanarat about the situation of the epidemic of Covid-19 It has the following content…



Global situation, August 8, 2021… late, will exceed 203 million

Yesterday there were 562,041 more people around the world, total now 202,924,613, 8,551 more deaths, total 4,298,292 deaths.

Top 5 with the highest number of infections per day Still the same is America, Brazil, India, Indonesia and the United Kingdom. America, 66,987 more people infected, 36,516,985 more people, 319 more deaths, 632,986 total deaths, 1.7% death rate. India 39,070 more people, total 31,933,553 people, 491 more deaths. Total deaths 427,892 people, death rate 1.3% Brazil, 43,033 additional people, total 20,151,779 people, 945 additional deaths, total deaths 562,752 people, death rate 2.8% Russia, 22,320 additional people, total 6,424,884 people, 793 additional deaths, 164,094 total deaths rate 2.6% death France, 25,755 additional people, total 6,284,708 people, 32 additional deaths, 112,190 total deaths, 1.8% death rate

Ranked 6-10 are the United Kingdom, Turkey, Argentina, Colombia and Spain, in the thousands to tens of thousands.

South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, many countries in a row add thousands to tens of thousands.

If including Asia, Europe and North America It was found that it still accounts for 82.85% of the total number of new infections per day.

Japan’s fifth wave is getting harder and harder. Recently added to 15,645 people, the highest ever outbreak. The total number has already exceeded a million people.

The Philippines has infected more than ten thousand people per day. South Korea, Myanmar, and Vietnam are all continually in the thousands.

Scandinavia, the Baltic, and Eurasia also saw an increase in the number of infections in the hundreds to thousands.

Most of the Middle East are still in the hundreds to thousands. Except for Iran, tens of thousands have been added continuously.

Cambodia, Laos, China and Australia Add a hundred digits, while Singapore and Taiwan add ten digits. while Hong Kong added less than ten

…for Thai people

Yesterday, our number of infections was the 10th highest in the world and the 5th highest in Asia.

Yesterday’s death toll was 212, the 11th highest in the world and the 6th highest in Asia.

As for the number of severe and critically ill patients now Thailand is the 6th largest in the world, the 3rd in Asia, and the 1st in Southeast Asia.

Comparing the intensity of overall measures to manage the COVID-19 outbreak, we can see from the Stringency index in the image from Ourworldindata. that the concentration is at the same level as with two ripples at the end of last year and the beginning of last year and less than the first wave While the current epidemic situation would know very well how heavy and serious So it’s no surprise that the results in epidemic control are showing off.

If it continues like this would be difficult to manage and have the opportunity to continue to extend People in the country can’t stand the distance. and will greatly affect the social and economic status and there will be chaos in society If there is a point where everyone can’t take it Not just the health system but will become all sectors

Therefore, the state should urgently review the existing policies and measures. Accept the fact that it is not effective enough.

Modify policy and academic mechanisms

Modify the country’s core vaccine policy to focus on the procurement and use of highly effective vaccines.

adjust measures Aims to break the national epidemic cycle by the end of the year. Full national lockdown is essential.

Should use the loan that is available to support But should not be used to stimulate the economy like the past.

should announce the austerity policy Reduce the import of luxury items. and campaign to use domestic resources

For people like all of us Please have the strength to protect yourself and your family from infection.

Wear a mask. Two layers. The inner layer is a mask. The outer layer is a cloth mask, very important.

with love and care

hello sunday


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