In the country – ‘Doctor Yong’ reiterates the smallpox vaccine to prevent ‘smallpox’, has opened the development of 3 generations.

Monday, May 30, 2022, 07.01 a.m.

‘Mor Yong’ reiterates the smallpox vaccine to prevent ‘smallpox’, open to development for 3 generations

May 30, 2022 Prof. Dr. Yong Phuworawan, head of the center specializing in virology Clinic, Department of Pediatrics Faculty of Medicine Chulalongkorn University posted a Facebook page Yong Poovorawan on May 29, titled “Smallpox, Smallpox, Smallpox Vaccine”. (Read related news: ‘Doctor Yong’ reveals ‘smallpox’ can be prevented with ‘vaccination’, not starting from scratch) It has the following content…

“Smallpox, Smallpox Vaccine, Smallpox, Smallpox

Yong Phuworawan 29 May 2022

The smallpox vaccine can prevent smallpox. have been developed in order up to three floors

1st generation

It has been in use for over 200 years, starting with Edward Jenner (Cow lymph), using bovine lymph to infect.

Later, it has been developed to better freeze-dry for long-term storage quality. put antibiotic Prevents bacterial contamination (Dryvax)

Vaccines in this class have been used until smallpox has been wiped out.

2nd generation

cell culture Vaccine cultured on Vero cell (ACAM2000) Acambis has obtained a purified virus. to reduce contamination

The vaccine was developed during a time when it was used to protect against biological weapons. There have been vaccinations to tens of thousands of people. in America’s frontline personnel

3rd generation

Genetically modified Vaccinia strain (Modified Vaccinia Ankara) produced by Bavarian Nordic using the name MVA-BN is a live virus. weaken unable to divide

subcutaneous injection build immunity no pustules

Follow up on the next smallpox vaccine.”


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