Home Health In the country – Korat does not stop spreading Chicken Processing Plant Cluster 453 employees have been infected.

In the country – Korat does not stop spreading Chicken Processing Plant Cluster 453 employees have been infected.

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Sunday, August 22, 2021, 6:00 a.m.

Korat does not stop spreading

Chicken Processing Plant Cluster

453 employees have been infected.

Phang Nga closes 2 districts in high-risk areas

Covid kills Sa Kaeo nurse

Covids all over Thailand. The number of infections continues to rise. Korat is shocked. The chicken processing factory cluster is still spreading. 453 people have ordered to close 2 public health service centers. Detain personnel in Phang Nga. Close 2 districts in risky areas. Sad! Covid kills nurses at the front line of Sa Kaeo Asking patients not to hide information

On August 21, 2021, the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Situation Administration Center (CDC) reported the situation of the epidemic of COVID-19. In Thailand, Thailand found that Thailand still found new cases in all 77 provinces. For the top 10 provinces with the highest number of new cases of COVID-19 in the country, 1, Bangkok, 4,342, 2. Samut Prakan, 1,584, 3. Samut Sakhon, 1,449. 4.Chonburi 1,235 cases 5.Nakhon Ratchasima 613 cases 6.Nakhon Pathom 589 cases 7.Chachoengsao 587 cases 8.Ratchaburi 541 cases 9. Buriram 450 cases and 10. Kanchanaburi 436 cases, with more than a hundred new infections. in 47 provinces



Pak Nam, seriously ill, 1,584 deaths, 14

Communicable Disease Control Group Samut Prakan Provincial Public Health Office Report on the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic in Samut Prakan Province. Found 1,584 new cases from 1,451 in the provincial area, 1,451 were hospitalized, and 133 were treated in Samut Prakan Province, bringing the total number of infections to 65,924, with 22,305 cured in government hospitals. 24,795 recovered in private hospitals, totaled 11,473 recovered in Thonburi Rajabhat Hospital, 2,568 treated in government hospitals, 2,984 are treated in private hospitals, 1,154 in Thonburi Rajabhat Hospital, with 14 additional deaths. The total number of deaths was 645.

Of the 1,584 new infections, 564 are in Mueang District, 152 in Bang Bo District, 327 in Bang Phli District, 190 in Phra Pradaeng District, 65 in Phra Samut District, 153 in Bang Sao Thong District.

Samut Sakhon, new traffic, 1,449 deaths, 20

Samut Sakhon Provincial Public Health Office Report on the situation of the covid-19 epidemic Found 1,449 new cases, 180 of which are proactive searches, 1,094 in provincial hospitals, 175 outside the province, totaling 81,152 cumulative infections, 20 additional deaths, total 393 cumulative deaths, currently being treated in hospitals. 17,640 nurses, 35,651 recovered, and 7,336 are under observation.

There is also good news for children. in Samut Sakhon Province Pfizer vaccination covers the entire province without walk-in reservations. For children aged 12-18 years old. 2003-2009, in the group of 7 high-risk diseases, can be vaccinated from the time 8:00 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. The injection site of Landmark Shopping Center on August 21, at Ban Phaeo Hospital on August 23 and at Krathum Baen Hospital on August 26, 27, 29 by providing evidence. Treatment and medicine, as well as birth certificates and ID cards to show as well. Currently, Samut Sakhon province has 416,955 doses of vaccinations including 1st and 2nd doses.

Chonburi stuck 1,235 out of 12 multiple clusters

The Provincial Public Health Office (Public Health Office) Chonburi reported the situation of the epidemic of Covid 19, found 1,235 new cases, totaling 53,329 cumulative infections, 20,236 treatments, 32,798 total healed, 12 additional deaths. 295 cumulative deaths with the outbreak in bulk A total of 1,393 contact searches, 657 initial proactive searches, and pending (clusters) in 21 establishments and 5 markets, 10 construction worker camps and 4 communities, were reported today. Wait for more proactive search reports.

1. Cluster Nawamintrachinee Camp Mueang Chonburi District 32 cases, 75 cases 2. Cluster Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) Corporation Sriracha District 11 cases, 278 cases 3. Cluster Summit Laem Chabang Auto Body Works Co., Ltd. Sriracha District 6 cases Somsom 36 cases 4. Cluster of Thai Fountain of Life Co., Ltd. Sriracha District 5 cases Somsom 57 cases 5. Cluster of Italian Thai Camp Company, Sriracha District 8 cases Somsom 51 cases 6. Cluster of Foamte Company C International Co., Ltd., Sriracha District, 5 cases, Somsomol 8 cases, 7. Cluster, Cisco Electronics (Thailand) Co., Ltd., District Phanthong, 5 cases, 166 Somsomol, 8. Risky occupation, meet a lot of people 27 Case 9, 10 medical personnel 10. Many enterprises in Rayong Province 31 cases 11. Contact with confirmed cases in the family 292 cases from 152 workplaces, 6 close persons, 1 person attending a party. touch the confirmed patient (Under investigation) 240 cases Under investigation 404

Korat, infected with 454 2 additional deaths

Nakhon Ratchasima Provincial Communicable Disease Committee Report on the situation of the epidemic of coviral-19 in Nakhon Ratchasima province by Dr. Narinrat Pitchayakamin, provincial public health doctor (Sor. Sor.) Nakhon Ratchasima Revealing the situation of the new wave of coviral epidemic-19 in 32 districts of Nakhon Ratchasima province, 452 new infected people were found. 164 patients were traveling from high-risk areas, 38 were traveling for treatment, and Contacted 252 patients in the area, totaling 16,368, 6,283 cases, 9,967 still healed, with 2 more deaths, a 57-year-old man in Kaeng Sanam Nang district. Histories returned from the risky areas of Bangkok and a 54-year-old male, Dan Khun Thot district, had traveled from the risky areas. Samut Prakan Province The total number of deaths was 118.

Cluster of roosters that don’t stop. 453

As for the surveillance and monitoring of the epidemic of the chicken processing plant cluster, “Cargil Meats”, Tha Yiem Subdistrict, Chokchai District, found 453 infected patients, 419 employees, expanding to 2 family members, 34 people. In the area of ​​10 districts, consisting of Nong Bun Mak District, Soeng Sang District, Khon Buri District, Wang Nam Khiao District, Pak Thong Chai District, Phra Thongkham District, Mueang District, Chokchai District, Non Thai District and Chakrat District resort In the city of Nakhon Ratchasima and Chokchai district, do bubble and seal, but there are still more believers in the bubble and seal area.

Korat municipality has issued a strict check.

while the integrated examination kit in Muang district has Mr. Kraisi Lotharaprasert Deputy Mayor of Nakhon Ratchasima As the owner of the area responsible with public health personnel administrative officer Muang district and related agencies Visited the area to inspect the Bubble and Seal measures of a company, Tha Yiem Subdistrict, Chokchai District, and Cargil Meat Co., Ltd., Kratok Subdistrict, Chokchai District, both of which are large chicken processing plants. Rented a room Of the 17 hotels and resorts in Muang district, more than 2,000 employees are allowed to stay for 28 days in order to organize groups, control speed, reduce the spread.

Order to close 2 service centers. The Ministry of Health. Detained personnel.

By specifying the situation at the Panjadara Hotel, Muang District, the accommodation of 233 factory workers, they were notified by Maharat Nakhon Ratchasima Hospital. Confirm the results of the hotel staff check. 1 more infected Found 15 cumulative cases, 6 of which are factory employees, 5 hotel chefs, 1 receptionist and 1 housewife, and 2 employees, total of 9 cases. Traveled to the Public Health Service Center 6 (Wat Sala Thong) and the housewives went on a mission. at the Public Health Service Center 1 (Pho Klang) for safety and confidence for personnel and people. who can use the service Ordered the closure of both service centers to clean medical equipment and areas including frequent touch points.

Buriram. Added 359 deaths 3 / from outside the district. 355

Emergency Response Operations Center Buriram Provincial Public Health Office Report on the situation of the epidemic of coviral-19 still worrying 359 new cases were found, of which 4 were found in the province, 355 were infected from outside the area, 174 were from high-risk provinces, were from high-risk provinces (found before entering detention centers). LQ 181 cases, total of 11,663 cumulative patients, 7,207 recoveries, 4,433 still receiving treatment, distributed in various hospitals. In the provincial area, there were 3 more deaths in one day, one in Lam Plai Mat district, one in Phutthaisong district and one in Mueang district, bringing the cumulative death toll to 23.

At the same time, the bed situation COVID-19 patients Buriram Province Total beds 8,472 beds occupy 4,838 beds 3,634 empty beds left, divided into red patients, total 207 beds, occupying 207 beds, no beds available. Yellow patient total 842 beds occupy 842 beds occupied and Green patient total 7,423 beds occupy 3,789 beds 3,634 empty beds left

Covid kills 21-year-old Sa Kaeo nurse

The same day, the Facebook page of Somdej Phra Yuparat Sakaeo Hospital. Sa Kaeo Province posted its condolences to the passing of Ms. Kritsana Hanplee (Nong Pop), a 21-year-old accident and emergency nurse who died from COVID-19 yesterday (Aug 20). .) After being infected while on duty because the patient concealed the information He was admitted for 14 days, but his symptoms did not improve. before the infection enters the lungs until severe pneumonia The body will be moved from the hospital at 11:00 am to Khok Nok Khun Thong Temple, Sa Kaeo Subdistrict, Mueang District, Sa Kaeo Province, and the funeral service will be performed immediately. Ready to ask the patient not to conceal information.

Prachuap Khiri Khan advises high-risk groups to vaccinate

Suriya Kuharat, a provincial public health doctor (Sor. It said that 41.49% of the elderly people 60 years and older are currently vaccinated, 43.18 percent of the seven patients, 43.18% of the pregnant women at 12 weeks and above, 5.10 percent, or 117 out of a target of more than 2,000. People in the past encountered problems in risk groups not receiving vaccination for many reasons, such as choosing vaccines, having a lot of congenital diseases, fearing vaccination and dying. The children did not allow injections for fear of the implications of the vaccine. fear of miscarriage

“The reality of all these risk groups Get vaccinated as soon as possible. to reduce the risk of serious illness and death if infected Currently, vaccination to cover high-risk groups to reduce the chance of severe illness and death is still relatively low, especially for the elderly. Therefore, we invite everyone to bring the elderly to get vaccinated to prevent infection and reduce death from covid. 19,” said Dr. Suriya.

Hua Hin woman 21 weeks pregnant, pneumonia is extinguished

It has been reported that the latest cumulative death, the 36th timeline patient, female, 15 years old, native of Nong Kae Subdistrict, Hua Hin District, died of severe pneumonia. After the first pregnancy, at 21 weeks of gestation, there is a history of never vaccinated. Previously, traveled from Chonburi Province to return home in Hua Hin District.

Order to close the risky area of ​​Phang Nga

Reporters reported that At the rural road No. 3006, Na Tai-Rai Dan route, Village No. 5, Village No. 6 until in front of Ban Khao Pilai Mosque, Village No. 14, Khok Kloi Subdistrict, Takua Thung District, Phang Nga Province, Kamnan officers, village headmen, Administrative Department, Chor Bor. Set up checkpoints. to prevent the spread of COVID-19 after Mr. Chamroen Thiphayapongthada, Governor of Phang Nga Province Has a resolution together with the Communicable Disease Committee of Phang Nga Province Announcement of Phang Nga Province Order No. 2486/2564 dated 20 Aug. July 64, effective from now on. Closing the location in the district area. Takua Thung, previously in the area, found infected with covids in the worker camp group, shrimp farm group and retail and wholesale stores of the area. Khok Kloi, district. Takua Thung preliminary has brought Send infected people to field hospital and detaining high-risk contacts and set up a checkpoint to prevent people in the area from entering and leaving It is to prevent the spread of the epidemic.

Subsequently, the province of Phang Nga announced an additional order No. 2507/2564 dated 20 Aug. 64 effective from now on. Closing the location in the area. Thai Mueang District, in the area of ​​Soi Lang Pom 1 and Soi Lang Pom 2, Village No. 9, Tai Mueang Subdistrict, Thai Mueang District, where the authorities have set up an extraction point at the checkpoint by blocking places that are at risk of spreading COVID-19 and prohibiting the movement of people in the area and prohibiting outsiders from entering the said area Previously, the authorities had removed the infected person from the delivery area. Sanam Phuttharaksa Hospital, Thai Mueang District As for high-risk contacts, they were sent to LQ to detain in the area provided by Thai Mueang Subdistrict. From the infection found in the area, Phang Nga province has accumulated a total of 953 cases.


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