In the country – ‘Prayut’ ordered intensive inspection before opening June 1 Tub-Pub-Oke Only 4,488 cases of coronavirus have gone down, 38 deaths

Sunday, May 29, 2022, 6:00 a.m.

Prayut orders intense inspections before opening June 1


Only 4,488 cases of coronavirus have gone down, 38 deaths

‘Doctor Taweesin’ ATK2, requesting a 10 day break

WHO says monkeypox is detected early and can be controlled

Ministry of Public Health points out that Thai Covid is good day and night Daily 4,488 infections, 38 deaths, no foreign cases found. Aims to adjust the number of new covid infections Stop showing ATK balance Show only patients with symptoms that are admitted to the hospital. The “Prime Minister” ordered the governors and the Provincial Health Offices throughout the country to intensively inspect, monitor and evaluate entertainment venues, pubs, karaoke bars, and comply with the requirements and measures on public health. Prepare to open for business June 1 as WHO insists smallpox can be prevented

On May 28, Mr. Thanakorn Wangboonkongchana, spokesman for the Prime Minister’s Office, revealed that due to the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration (BDC) resolved to relax measures to open pubs, bars, and karaoke in the green-colored zone. sky Starting from June 1, with control measures Watch out for the spread of COVID-19, such as opening no later than 24.00, avoiding sharing containers, checking ATK in service providers And the people who will receive the service must have complete vaccinations as prescribed. in order to control and prevent outbreaks effectively and stimulate economic activities, which will benefit the country.’

Order to check the tub before opening 1 June.

“General Prayut Chan-o-cha, Prime Minister and Minister of Defense charge the provincial governor Provincial Public Health Office (Public Health Office) and relevant officials, both central and local levels, visit the area to inspect and evaluate service center groups. establishment that resemble a service place, entertainment place, pub, bar, karaoke, or other similar place and service recipients to strictly comply with the requirements and measures of public health,” said Thanakorn.

And that the opening of entertainment venues, pubs, bars, karaoke on June 1, Prof. Relaxed measures to open business only in green-blue areas. It is a surveillance area in 14 provinces: Chainat, Phichit, Ang Thong, Nan, Maha Sarakham, Yasothon, Nakhon Phanom, Lampang, Amnat Charoen, Buriram, Trat, Surat Thani, Surin and Udon Thani, and the pilot area (blue) in 17 provinces is Bangkok, Krabi, Kanchanaburi, Chanthaburi, Phetchaburi, Phetchaburi, Phang Nga, Chiang Mai, Chiang Rai, Nakhon Ratchasima. only as for the high surveillance area of ​​46 provinces, still not allowed to open the business

Thailand has 4,488 infections, 38 deaths.

On the same day, the Center for Covid-19 Situation Administration or Prof. reported the situation of Covid-19 patients. In Thailand, daily There were 4,488 new cases, comprising 4,468 cases from surveillance and service systems. Eight cases were active in the community, 12 were found in prisons/detention centers. Total 2,215,564 cumulative patients since January 1, while 3,921 recovered, 3,921 total recovered from January 1, with 46,734 patients being treated and 38 deaths. The cumulative total of 29,348 deaths (since 2020) ) patients with pneumonia 939 hospitalized, 461 intubated, average 12 cases per province, bed occupancy rate 13.7%, the cumulative total of 4,438,999 confirmed cases since 2020, Thailand ranked 24th in the world.

Accumulated vaccination 137 million.-Needle 4 get 3.3 million.

As for the progress of Thailand’s COVID vaccine service From February 28, 2021 to May 26, a total of 137,222,998 doses were received, including the cumulative total of vaccinated COVID-19 for children aged 5-11 years from February 1 to May 26, 4,483,011 doses classified as those who received the needle vaccine. 1 number 56,689,510 doses, 2nd dose vaccine 52,517,767 doses, 3rd dose vaccine 24,650,984 doses and 4th dose vaccine 3,364,737 doses. Bangkok (Bangkok) 1,986 cases, 2nd place, Khon Kaen 173 cases, 3rd place, Buriram 139 cases, 4th place, Nonthaburi 115 cases, 5th place, Chonburi 112 cases, 6th place, Samut Sakhon 105 cases, 7th place, Maha Sarakham 93 cases, 8th place Samut Prakan 87 cases, 9th place Nakhon Ratchasima 81 cases, and 10 Chaiyaphum 78 cases

to adjust the number of infected reports, not showing ATK

Dr. Sumanee Watcharasin, Director of the Office of Risk Communication and Health Behavior Development, Department of Disease Control, as an assistant deputy spokesperson Prof. gave an interview on the case of the Dashboard system of the Department of Disease Control The number of infections from daily ATK tests has not been reported, indicating that over 50% of the current coronavirus infections are asymptomatic, so reports begin to change. Focus on the group of infected people who have more symptoms. In addition, after June 1, it plans to shift the report to the number of patients with symptoms and hospitalizations as the main basis. On May 30, it will propose a plan to adjust the report format. at the EOC meeting Ministry of Health Before adjusting the format in Prof. Removing ATK numbers from the reporting system does not affect the forecast of the Covid situation. as the severity of the coronavirus has decreased Therefore, we must focus only on those who really have symptoms. to enter the maintenance system Because most of the time when infected, there are few symptoms. Log in to see the end of distribution (OPD) or treatment at home (HI).

The Ministry of Public Health points out that Covid is getting better – emphasizes group 608 injecting needles to stimulate

Meanwhile, Dr. Kiatpoom Wongrachit, Permanent Secretary of the Ministry of Public Health, revealed that the Ministry of Public Health’s COVID-19 Situation Processing Committee (MIU) presented information on the COVID-19 situation at the EOC meeting. The virulence of the infection decreased. The level of immunity of the people is much higher. both from vaccinations and previous infections important measures now People’s cooperation is required. ask the risk group People with congenital diseases and the elderly receive booster vaccination to reduce the chance of severe illness and death. Developing the health system to cope with the challenges after the end of the Covid era, according to the MIU Committee, Ministry of Public Health, policy recommendations

Doctor Taweesilp says he is addicted to covids and asks to rest for 10 days

On the same day, Dr. Taweesin Witsanuyothin, Inspector General of the Ministry of Public Health, Health Area 10 and spokesman of Prof. Post to inform the news on the Facebook page “More Taweesil”, requesting a 10 day break from work due to covid testing. 19 With the ATK test kit, the results were found to be up to 2 lines, with a slight sore throat.

WHO says tougher tests can be found early to contain the outbreak

The situation of the smallpox epidemic International news agencies reported that Sylvia Bryand, director of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) Global Infection Preparedness Division, said during the WHO’s annual meeting. What should be the main focus now is Try to limit outbreaks in countries where the disease is not endemic. Necessary measures include early detection. Quarantine in the event of an infected person. and monitoring the routes of people who come into contact with infected people. Countries must act swiftly to contain the spread of smallpox. and share information about the existing vaccine stockpile. If appropriate measures are put in place from this time We should be easy to control.

Hijack every country to check the stock of smallpox vaccine

“WHO member states should share information about stockpiles of the first-generation smallpox vaccine that can be used against smallpox. Because we currently don’t have clear data on how many such vaccines are available around the world. therefore asking countries inform because vaccines are limited.”

Group vaccinations are not recommended for specific people.

This WHO official Mass vaccination is not recommended for people to prevent smallpox outbreaks. But vaccination is recommended to target only those in close contact with an infected person. As for the follow-up and investigation of the infected person in each case traces of touch and home quarantine is the best solution.

Foreign news agencies reported on the progress of the detection of monkey pox cases in many countries that The first case of monkeypox has been reported in Latin America. in Argentina The Argentine Ministry of Health said the patient is healthy While those in close contact with the patient have entered the quarantine system to observe symptoms but still have no symptoms

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