In the country – Songkhla covids are getting good! Found 159 new patients. The total number of infected people is 64,309.

Tuesday, December 7, 2021, 3:01 p.m.

December 7, 2021, the situation of new Covid-19 cases from proactive screening in all occupation groups in the communities in 16 districts, the number has decreased. and mild symptoms The death toll has decreased as well. from 1.48 million people in the target group who received 1.1 million vaccines

Risk Communication Mission Group public health office Songkhla province reported 159 new confirmed cases, dropping to the first hundred digits in 3 months, ranked 4th in the country. The cumulative total of infections has risen to 64,309. Still 1 death has been found. Infections with mild symptoms resulted in 4,200 fewer hospital stays, while more than 59,800 have recovered and returned home.

The report of areas where all groups in the community were screened with the ATK test kit. The number of infected people in the former high-infected areas such as Hat Yai, Chana, Muang, Singhanakhon, Sadao, Thepha, Rattaphum, and Saba Yoi district were reported to have declined. and decreased in all groups The most common cases of infection are those who have been in contact with local infections and screening clinics for respiratory infections, and from old clusters such as high-risk groups in factories, markets, shops.

while the cumulative effect of vaccination exceeds the target The total number of people vaccinated is 1107141, approximately 74.44%, on December 6, 64 from the number of 1,107,141 first doses, the 2nd dose of 996,295 cases, 66.99%, and the 3rd dose of 92,162 cases, 6.20%.

Many vaccination centers have fewer people getting vaccinated. From about 800-900 cases per day to 400 cases, such as at the Tinsulanonda Stadium Vaccination Center, Muang District, which will close the center on December 21 to include the injection center at the Elderly Care Center, Phawong Subdistrict. .city instead



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