In the end, Jo Dong-yeon, who bowed her head in suspicion of privacy… “I didn’t do this through the recruitment committee”

On the 2nd, Cho Dong-yeon, the new co-chair of the new co-permanent election task force, Lee Jae-myung, the first candidate for the Democratic Party presidential candidate, said, “My heart is heavy. I am sorry that many people must have felt uncomfortable and angry because of my personal life. sorry,” he said.

Chairman Cho said in a radio broadcast on the morning of the same day, “I think that in my current family, my two children, especially my second child, are being loved and raised more properly than anyone else, and I will continue to do so in the future.” In effect, Chairman Cho made a statement as if he was acknowledging some of the controversy surrounding him. Chairman Cho said, “What I am saying is not because I am concerned about the position or seeking understanding. “I wanted to ask if I am not allowed to be given the opportunity to do so, or if a person like me is not even allowed the opportunity to take on the challenge that is a dream even after spending that time,” he said. He continued, “First of all, we started a slightly slanted marriage from the beginning, and our marriage broke up with only scars left on both sides, and about 10 years have passed. told

Chairman Cho, a ‘working mom in his 30s’, a former six-year-old working mom, and a professor of military science at Seogyeong University, was raised with suspicions about his private life after the news of the recruitment was announced at the Democratic Party camp. Lawyer Kang Yong-seok on Facebook on the 30th of last month said, “Tips are pouring in” regarding Chairman Cho, and discussing divorce, etc. “Introducing related information. It is a known information among people from six schools, so I cross-checked it through four places. They knew the same.” In addition, he added a photo captured from an article containing the claims related to Chairman Cho’s private life.

Immediately after the allegations were raised by lawyer Kang Yong-seok, the Lee Jae-myung camp side said, “Kang Yong-seok’s Facebook post regarding the joint permanent election chairperson Jo Dong-yeon is not true at all, and the Central Election Countermeasures Committee of the Democratic Party of Korea will take strong legal action against it.” We will also take strong legal action against such actions.”

However, when a media outlet raised the issue of privacy controversy the night before, Chairman Cho appeared on the morning of that day and opened up about the controversy. The fate of Chairman Cho, who has also been rumored to resign, seems to have to be watched. Initially, Chairman Cho was supposed to participate in the announcement of the recruitment and appointment of the general manager of the election campaign held at the Democratic Party of Korea at 9 a.m. on the same day, but it is reported that he did not attend to have time for self-reflection. Candidate Jae-myung Lee, who participated in the event, said, “All politicians are responsible for the people,” and “I will watch the people’s judgment.”

There is also a movement to draw a line with Chairman Cho within the Democratic Party’s election committee. Rep. Baek Hye-ryun, who served as the general head of the National Human Resources Committee, said on a radio on the same day, “We are conducting a fact-check on Chairman Cho’s privacy controversy.” “Politics has a strong tendency to link the private part of personal life with the public part,” said Rep. Baek, adding, “I don’t think that culture is correct.” He added, “In the case of Chairman Cho, it is not a form of recruitment supervised by the Human Resources Recruitment Committee, but rather a part of the party’s election committee, where the recruitment of talent has already been promoted centered on the party’s representative. It seems like a process is necessary.”

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