In the end, “Saipan Apinya” spent more than 2 years winning a defamation case against a diving instructor.

because “Saipan” or “Apinya Sakulcharoensuk” has filed a lawsuit against “diving instructors” posting defamation through social media Destroying reputation and business, diving, and most recently, during December 2022, traveled to follow the progress of the case again. As of today (January 26, 2023) he came out to update the story that happened again.

“Saipan” Note a message via personal Instagram that “Finally this day has arrived. Today the court has a verdict The case of a diving instructor posted defamation through social media, destroying the reputation and business of Fins Diving after the court issued an order to accept the defendant’s application for bail. and let the refusal to fight against the testimony of the witness be completed So the court gave a verdict Saipan and his company, the plaintiffs in the case, won, considering that the defendant had in fact committed the crime according to the legal action.”

in addition “Saipan” He further explains that “Because the defendant committed a first offence, he was paroled and fined according to law. Including requiring the defendant to pay damages to the plaintiff in accordance with the judgment with interest and ordering the defendant to advertise the verdict in a daily newspaper for three consecutive days after the judgment of the court The defendant who will bear the expenses. as well as requiring the defendant to remove all defamatory statements according to the legal proceedings and related

If the fine is not paid, it will be dealt with in accordance with the Code, Section 29,30, allowing the defendant to pay the court fees instead of the two plaintiffs by placing the attorney’s fees set by the court in in accordance with the judgment. Court fees to be used instead of how much money the plaintiff wins the case.

Thanks for pictures and information from IG: apinnya

Remember to leave it to everyone. In fact, it’s something that shouldn’t even happen and shouldn’t take up so much of your life. before posting or typing anything the consequences that will follow should be considered. Sometimes posting and typing takes only 2 minutes. But the consequences that follow have to waste time, lose your mind, lose your nerves along the way.

Thanks for pictures and information from IG: apinnya

Finally, “Sai Pan” also said in a final comment reminding all the socialists “For Pan, 2 years ago, if I didn’t have to come across this issue. What else can he do? I want everyone to live their lives with respect for each other. Wrong, wrong, right, right today everything is clear Thank you everyone for always supporting us. Both from family, friends, siblings, fans, customers, students . Thank you for this experience. Thank you P’Tam (lawyer) Thank you to the Thai justice process. Thank you very much.”

Thanks for pictures and information from IG: apinnya

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