In the government campaign of ‘Comfort the people with carols’… Buddhist “religious bias”


The Buddhist community is protesting when the government announced a campaign to comfort the hearts of the people who are tired of Corona with Christmas carols. It is against equity to promote music of a particular religion using national taxes.

Correspondent Lee Soo-jin.


A tree lighting ceremony prepared annually by the Buddhist Jogye Order.

[원행/조계종 총무원장 (2018년) : 고귀한 희생으로 한없는 사랑을 선물한 예수님의 탄생을 축하드립니다.]

Christian figures also gathered to promote interreligious harmony, but this year’s atmosphere is quite different.

“Play carols in the store in December”

When the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism promoted a ‘carol revitalization campaign’ under this theme, the Buddhist community issued an injunction to stop this campaign.

They point out that ‘carol’ has a religious meaning and that it is too Christian-centered to comfort the people who are tired of Corona with carols.

[혜일/불교왜곡범대책위원회 사무총장 : (기독교 신자가) 대한민국 인구에 30%도 안 되는데, 어떤 특정 종교를 선별해서 하는 건 맞지 않거든요. 관에서 하실 일이 아니고.]

In order to dispel the misconception that even small stores must pay a copyright for playing carols, the government allocated 1.2 billion won to the campaign, which was initiated by Cardinal Su-jeong Yeom.

Five music service providers, including Melon and Vibe, will provide a total of 30,000 tickets for a month and broadcast carols and related advertisements on the radio.

As the backlash grew, Minister Hwang Hee met with Buddhist figures and set out to rectify it.

However, it seems that the sadness of the Buddhist community will not go away easily as the campaign will continue according to the budget already supported.

(VJ: Kang Seong-moo / Video graphic: Kim Jong-un)


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