In the Korean Women’s Volleyball World Championships, she did not win even one set, and lost 4 in a row.

Lost to Poland and Thailand… Relive the nightmare of getting lost and taking a photo at VNL

The Korean women’s volleyball team failed to win a single set at the World Championships and lost four in a row.

Korea, ranked 25th in the world, scored 0-3 (13-) against Thailand (14th) in Group B of the 2022 Federation of International Volleyball (FIVB) World Championships held at Ergo Arena in Gdansk, Country Poland on the afternoon of the 29th. (Korea time) on the afternoon of the 29th (Korea time. 25 15-25 14-25).

Korea, after the Dominican Republic (8th), Turkiye (Turkey, 6th), and Poland (12th) on the home court this morning, fell to Thailand without any effort.

In particular, there was no set that exceeded 20 points, showing a clear gap with the world.

Even if Korea defeated Croatia (23rd), their last opponent in the group stage on October 2, they were already confirmed to be eliminated from the group stage as they only got three points.

In this tournament, 24 countries are divided into 4 groups and the first round group stage is played.

After that, the quarter-finals will be played in a way that determines the teams that advance to the finals.

Kim Yeon-kyung (Heungkuk Life Insurance) and Yang Hyo-jin (Hyundai E&C) are changing generations after returning the Taegeuk mark at the end of last year’s Tokyo Olympics.

The European team lags behind in terms of height, and the Asian rival suffers from the double difficulties of speed and organisation.

Korea, under coach Cesar Hernández Gonzalez, took the lead and failed to win a set in the FIVB Volleyball Nations League (VNL), in which 16 countries participated in July, overturning the stigma of being at the bottom of the qualifying rounds for the first time in the history of the tournament without a draw and a loss (12 losses).

According to FIVB rules, you have to win two sets in a match to get even one point, but Korea has never done that in VNL.

That nightmare seems to be reoccurring at the World Championships.

As you can see in the world rankings, Thailand pushed Korea to 4th place and climbed to 3rd place in the Asian continent after China (4th) and Japan (7th), Korea pushed hard, boasting several levels of organization, receiving ability and speed.

Korea took a 5-4 lead in the first part of the first set, but after giving up 6 points, they collapsed.

There was no attack at all due to the reception hunting, so only 6 points (17 points for Thailand) scored from the attack.

In the second set, they fought well 9-11, but while adding 2 points, they gave up 8 points due to mistakes and were pushed out of control with 11-19.

In the third set, the pattern did not change, and the contest was almost over as Thailand took a 20 point lead to Korea’s 10 points.

◇ 2022 International Volleyball Federation (FIVB) Women’s World Championships Group B 4th (29th, Gdansk, Poland)
Korea (4 losses) 13 15 14 – 0
Thailand (3 wins 1 loss) 25 25 25 – 3

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