In the middle of New York, “Dae~Hanmin-guk” … Koreans are also of one mind

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Koreans abroad also cheered for the national team’s victory in cold weather.

The moment their trip to the round of 16 of the World Cup was confirmed, ‘Korea’ rang out in the middle of Manhattan, New York, USA.

New York Lee Yongju

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About 100 Koreans gathered in a park in downtown Manhattan, New York.

Wearing the uniform of the national team, drawing the national flag on his face, and preparing a pot of money, he went out to cheer as the twelfth player with passion.

[곽호준/뉴욕 교민]

“Of course, our Son Heung-min, is fighting! I hope Son Heung-min will score a great goal!

Koreatown, Manhattan, New York.

Even in the freezing cold, countless Koreans cheer enthusiastically with Taegeukgi in their hands.

For a while, I was stunned by Portugal’s opening goal…

Following the draw, and a miraculous goal coming from behind just before the end of the game, the enthusiasm for cheering reached its peak.

When the match between Ghana and Uruguay ended and progress to the World Cup round of 16 was confirmed after 12 years, the Korean cheering squad hugged each other and were delighted. First of all, they expressed their thanks to the players .

[김민지/뉴욕 교민]

“It was a very enjoyable game. I think the Korean players are really great. I watched all the games from the first game, and today was great. Thank you very much from Korea.”

New Yorkers also rejoiced.

[권예나·전다솔/뉴욕 교민]

“I thought a lot about Korea in New York, but Koreans gather to watch (games), it’s really true…”

Our next opponent is the world’s strongest Brazil.

Korean residents said there was no need to fear, and they remembered the dream they achieved 20 years ago with one thought.

[김혜빈·이도준/뉴욕 교민]

“Dreams do come true. Let’s go, let’s go, let’s go, let’s go! That’s right, dreams come true again in 2002! I hope we going to the semi-finals.”

This is MBC News Lee Yong-ju from New York.

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