In the midst of a tribute to Biden… There have been shootings all over the United States.


President Biden visited the scene of a Texas elementary school shooting and promised another gun control. However, on that day, another shooting took place across the United States during the holiday, resulting in many casualties.

This is Correspondent Pil-gyu Kim, Washington.


On the morning of the 29th local time, a gunman opened fire in Taft, Oklahoma, USA, killing one person and injuring seven others.

A gunman opened fire after an argument at an outdoor festival with 1,500 people on Memorial Day holiday in the United States.

In Phoenix, Arizona, six people were injured in a shooting inside a party home.

At a church in Massachusetts, a statue commemorating the 32 victims of this month’s mass shooting has appeared.

President Biden and his wife Jill Biden visited the scene of the recent shooting at Uvaldy Elementary School in Texas.

He paid wreaths and met the families of the victims.

Citizens shouted at him coming out after attending the memorial mass.

[조 바이든/미국 대통령 : (뭐라도 하라! 뭐라도 하라!) 그럴 겁니다.]

It’s been less than a month since we visited the scene of the Buffalo accident, which killed 10 people, and we found another shooting site, but there doesn’t seem to be much the president can do right now.

That’s because the voices of those who oppose gun control are also growing.

[웨인 라피에르/전미총기협회 대표이사 (현지시간 27일) : 우리는 죄 없는 준법 시민들이 스스로를 지킬 권리를 위한 싸움을 멈추지 않을 겁니다.]

Gunshots continued across the United States while the tragedy that took the lives of 19 children was buried in a political debate.

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