In the new year, go to the grassroots, save the day and night to draw a grand plan |Baoshan Wisdom Bay attracts attention with creativity-Mobile

In the new year, go to the grassroots level, take the day and night to paint a grand scheme |Baoshan Wisdom Bay attracts attention with creativityFlying into the homes of ordinary people

Caption:the bay of wisdomInternet celebrity bookstore.Photo by Guo Jianfeng

Not long ago, the Ministry of Culture and Tourism organized the assessment and announced, and identified 12 units as the National Tourism Science and Technology Demonstration Park 2022. As the only representative of Shanghai, Wisdom Bay in Baoshan is on the list.

The full name of Wisdom Bay is Wisdom Bay Science and Technology Park National Culture and Technology Integration Demonstration Base (Shanghai) It has been established for 5 years, and this year it was recognized as the fourth batch by five ministries and commissions including the Ministry of Science and Technology, the Central Propaganda Department, and the Ministry of Culture and Tourism. One of the national exhibition centers for the integration of culture and technology. Through design innovation and industrial re-engineering, Wisdom Bay rebuilt old factory buildings to create a cultural and technological integration complex with coordinated development. The large-scale and highly concentrated creative design gathering area that integrates culture and technology has already given birth to many innovative cases. In addition to the Starbucks container coffee concept store, there are also 3D-printed themed museums, 3D-printed concrete pedestrian bridges, and large 3D-printed Mona Lisa pixel paintings…all of which are “net celebrity check-in points”. Check- in citizens.

Caption:Starbucks container coffee concept store. Photo by Guo Jianfeng

The Starbucks container coffee concept store is the first container coffee shop in mainland China, and it is cleverly combined with 6 containers of different sizes and has two floors. In the brightly colored container office space, I can no longer imagine its old look, replaced by a modern atmosphere. When the reporter arrived, the container dining area on the second floor was almost full. After days of cloudy and rainy days, I invited three or two relatives and friends to sit by the window, bask in the sun and chat, collide with sparks of thought, and waiting for half a day is not too long.

Caption:3D printed concrete pedestrian bridge.Photo by Guo Jianfeng

The China 3D Printing Museum covering an area of ​​5,000 square meters can be said to be the cultural business card of the park. There are nearly 3,000 exhibits in the museum including exhibits in various fields such as food, clothing, housing, transportation, art, and cultural relic restoration, which is amazing. The park cooperates with the School of Architecture of Tsinghua University to widely apply the research results of “artificial intelligence + 3D printing + new concrete materials” and realize the industrialization of scientific and technological achievements in the park. That’s the world’s largest 3D printing bridge, which is installed in the 3D printing museum. 3D printing pixel painting – Mona Lisa is another highlight of Wisdom Bay, behind this is a complete set of automatic image transformation, AI automatic fractal, computer automatic modeling, and batch generation of 3D printing files developed by Wisdom Bay system. The fractal system can automatically and optimize any picture according to the required elements, extract the desired elements, and then automatically generate numbers to complete the production and assembly, which makes people wonder at the magical effect of the combination of culture and technology.

Caption:The blue fitness track and leisure walking along the river. Photo by Guo Jianfeng

The whole park is open plan, with an ingenious integration of bays, terraces, greenery and docks, giving citizens a good place for fitness and entertainment. The blue fitness track and the leisure promenade along the river connect the green space and the hydrophilic platform, which makes people stay and forget to return.

The newly emerged Wisdom Bay Park, which depends on Huan Zaobang, shows its innovative and unique charm. This is a gathering place for young trendsetters, and it is also an innovative exhibition area for Baoshan to host the “15-minute live ring”.

Xinmin Evening News Reporter Guo Jianfeng

Editor: Zhang Jiayu


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