“In the Octagonal Cage” Earns Praise and Support from Celebrities: Wang Baoqiang’s Touching Gesture for Enbo

Title: “Celebrated Film ‘In the Octagonal Cage’ Receives Rave Reviews in Chengdu Roadshow”

Photo Credit: Zhou Qinluo Haiyun

In a highly anticipated roadshow event on July 5th, the creators of the film “In the Octagonal Cage” including Wang Baoqiang, Wang Xun, Chen Yongsheng, Zhang Yitong, and Shi Pengyuan made their debut in Chengdu, delighting audiences in several theaters. Notable personalities such as Wei Minglun, the renowned “Ghost Bashu,” Sanda Pingshu artist Li Boqing, comedy artist Shen Fa, and actor Zhao Liang were also in attendance to show their support for the film.

During the event, Li Boqing expressed his heartfelt emotion, admitting that the film brought him close to tears multiple times. He commended Sichuan for its remarkable themes, picturesque landscapes, exceptional actors, and the warm reception from the audience. Li Boqing eagerly anticipated more Sichuan-themed films in the future.

The highly-anticipated release of “In the Octagonal Cage” is scheduled for July 6th, and the film has already surpassed 400 million yuan at the box office.

“Traveling Show” Captivates Audiences

“In the Octagonal Cage” portrays the journey of an ordinary person leading a group of underprivileged children, defying their fateful circumstances to find a way towards a better life. The film captivated audiences with its gripping depiction of Xiang Tenghui’s perseverance and the children’s tenacity in pursuing their dreams. Moving scenes left many viewers teary-eyed, earning acclaim as a heartwarming and inspiring film.

In a remarkable moment at the Bona Cinemas Global Center, the real-life fighting team serving as the inspiration for “In the Octagonal Cage” made an appearance. Enbo, the prototype behind the story, addressed the crowd from his wheelchair. He expressed his hope that audiences would also find courage in the face of difficulties and strive to realize their own life values.

Wang Baoqiang’s Compassionate Gesture

Enbo, battling a long period in the intensive care unit due to a heart attack, made a special appearance thanks to the kind support of Wang Baoqiang. In addition to shouldering all of Enbo’s medical expenses, Wang Baoqiang facilitated treatments by connecting him with reputable doctors. Wang Baoqiang remarked that despite the high costs, saving Enbo’s life was undoubtedly worth it, as he was inspired by Enbo’s indomitable spirit.

Actor Wang Xun passionately explained that Baoqiang’s genuine altruism and compassion towards others are the reasons why he garners such immense support and love. Wang Xun considered it a great honor to be part of such a film.

Sichuan’s Flourishing Film Industry

The film’s roadshow visit to Eying Cinemas 1958 was met with high praise from Wei Minglun, commonly known as the “Bashu Ghost.” He commended the movie for exploring the depths of human nature through the art of fighting. Wei described it as a vivid portrayal of ethereal themes, filled with the struggle and rise of extraordinary individuals.

Renowned Sanda artist Pingshu Li Boqing, visibly elated, expressed his emotional connection to the film. Hailing from humble beginnings, Li confessed that he was moved to tears several times while watching “In the Octagonal Cage.” He ardently praised Sichuan for its remarkable themes, picturesque landscapes, exceptional actors, and expressed his anticipation for more Sichuan-themed movies in the future.

Comedy performance artist Shen Fa, known as Wang Xun’s mentor, confessed to shedding tears while watching the inspirational film. At 81 years old, Shen Fa spoke glowingly of Wang Xun’s achievements, reminiscing on his time mentoring the talented actor when he was only 18. Shen Fa extended an invitation to Wang Baoqiang, hoping he would continue directing stories that celebrate Sichuan and its rich culture.

Actor Zhao Liang was equally impressed by the film, stating, “I was in awe. Despite the small scale of the scenes and the limited number of characters, the impact was astonishing. Congratulations to Baoqiang.”

As the roadshow came to a close, “In the Octagonal Cage” left a lasting impression on the audience, provoking a range of emotions and garnering admiration for its powerful storytelling.

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Original title: Wang Baoqiang and Wang Xun brought back the movie “In the Octagonal Cage” to Rong Wei Minglun, Li Boqing, Shen Chuan and Zhao Liang all came together!

Report cover photo of news reporter Zhou Qinluo Haiyun

On July 5th, the movie “In the Octagonal Cage” came to Chengdu for a road show. The main creators Wang Baoqiang, Wang Xun, Chen Yongsheng, Zhang Yitong, and Shi Pengyuan made their debuts and met audiences in several movie theaters in Chengdu. That night, “Ghost Bashu” Wei Minglun, Sanda Pingshu artist Li Boqing, comedy artist Shen Fa, actor Zhao Liang, etc. appeared on the road show and praised the film, cheering for the film “In the Octagonal Cage”!

On the spot, Li Boqing said frankly: “I almost burst into tears a few times.” He also said that Sichuan has good themes, scenic spots, actors, and better audiences, and he looks forward to more Sichuan TV shows in the future. The theme movie appears.

It is reported that the movie “In the Octagonal Cage” will be officially released on July 6, and the current box office of the movie has exceeded 400 million yuan.

traveling show

Paying medical bills for story prototype Embo

Wang Baoqiang: Everything is worth it

“In the Octagonal Cage” tells the story of an ordinary person leading a group of unsupervised children to break through the siege of fate and find a way out of life. In the film, Xiang Tenghui’s perseverance and the children’s hard work ignited the scene of the traveling show, and the wonderful crying scenes of the main characters infected many audiences. Everyone was full of praise and called “good their look”!

In the afternoon of the same day, at the flagship store’s road show at the Bona Cinemas Global Center, Enbo’s prototype fighting team from “In the Octagonal Cage” also appeared. En Bo, the prototype of the story, said, “The children in “The Octagonal Cage” finally realized their dream of fighting. I hope everyone can also feel the spirit of not being afraid of difficulties, brave enough to break out of their caged selves, and strive to realize their own life values.”

En Bo, the prototype from the movie “In the Octagonal Cage”

On that day, Enbo appeared at the scene in a wheelchair and was pushed. It is understood that Enbo has been in the intensive care unit for a long time due to myocardial infarction. Wang Baoqiang not only paid for all the medical expenses, but also helped to contact doctors for treatment. Wang Baoqiang said that although the medical costs were high, everything was worth it to save Enbo, because he saw a kind of strength from Enbo.

Actor Wang Xun said: “Why so many people support Baoqiang and love Baoqiang, it is because he is kind to others from the bottom of his heart. He can help others regardless of any rewards, even if’ n suffer. It’s a great honor for me. I was able to take part in such a film.”

moved by the film

Li Boqing: We have very good themes in Sichuan

Wei Minlun (fourth from left)

That night, the film “In the Octagonal Cage” went to Eying Cinemas 1958 for a road show. He praised “Bashu ghost” Wei Minglun, saying that the film reflects many deep things in human nature through fighting. This is a film with a polyphonic theme, full of ghosts on the rise and struggling.

Li Boqing (fourth from left)

Sanda artist Pingshu Li Boqing was full of joy as soon as she appeared on stage. He said, while watching the film, “I almost burst into tears a few times, because we come from the grassroots.” He also said emotionally that Sichuan has good themes, scenic spots, actors, and better audiences, and he is looking forward to seeing more Sichuan-themed movies appear.

Shen Fa (first from left)

Comedy performance artist Shen Fa frankly said that watching “In the Octagonal Cage” sheds tears, and this is a very inspiring film. As Wang Xun’s master, Shen Fa also expressed emotionally: “Sichuan has very good actors, like our Wang Xun. He was only 18 years old when he studied art in my school, and I am 81 years old this year. I can see that the apprentice has such good results, shouldn’t he be happy?” He also sent an invitation to Wang Baoqiang: “I hope that Director Baoqiang will shoot more stories about our Sichuan, there are still a lot of stories about our Sichuan.”

Actor Zhao Liang (fourth from left)

Actor Zhao Liang also shared his feelings after watching the film: “I was shocked. Although the scene of the film was not too big and there were not many people, it was shocking when it was shot. Congratulations to Baoqiang. ” More


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