In the old but good pasta (2010) memories of “Gong Hyo Jin”, the character and development are very well matched.

With a secondary story that comes as a heart factor or a turning point, it’s colorful and makes the story fun. The fact that there are many things that come and go is just right, not overflowing like a chef.Oh Chee YoungShe might look like a villain, but she wasn’t jealous because at least she could see the origin of her actions and thought processes. or family issuesSeo Yoo KyungAbout a father who is a Chinese chef, but the son wants to be an Italian chef, it doesn’t come out so overwhelming that it feels deliberate. On the other hand, it is felt that it is a reserve of the protagonist’s dreams and dreams, and it comes with just the right amount of story selection to play with. But if you want to keep it in mind, it’s about the camera angle that you can see that the actors don’t cook by themselves, but they can still see the role playing in front of the stove as well at a believable level. Or will it be a story of props that jump to jump, such as using a car until the end that finds a way to get off easily, even if it’s perfect? But when things look fun, these thingsWellno effect


Another part that can be seen from watching this story that is more than ten years old. That is a matter of writing a script that is still tangible in human beings in reality. This means that Korean drama writing has a solid foundation for a long time. A lot of research has been put into making the kitchen and Italian food, especially this one, pasta, to be realistic. But the strange thing would be the strangeness of the visual work or the camera angle like this. It cannot be fixed because it is a matter of eras and changes in technology. But what can be seen seriously is the performance of Korean actors who have also seen the hard work to put on the character of the career to be told and the story tells the story of the chef andLee Sun KyuNis a chef who is believed to have expertise and performing withKongHyo Jinis the best part butKongHyo JinThere is better than that because no matter who she joins the scene with, she looks smooth and with her face is not beautiful in a popular type, so I see that it’s the best fit for a role like this.


Another person who met by chancebecause she has been through her workEhathis? Honey Lee Although in the past I saw her in a leaky role that became a persistent image, but when looking back at the performance in this story that was in the past I could see that she was responsible for the emotions of the audience because the audience would both hate and pity. But I can see that she is not suitable for this kind of role since then, maybe because of the image or maybe because after this story, I rarely see her in this kind of role that looks neat, not leaking, not arrogant. The part that has seen and radiated power since then and is now one of the leading actors isChoi Jin Hyuk And because the script looks so good, the development told through the production is so real that it’s no different from the audience in a busy kitchen. There is a feeling with the characters with every feeling, especially with the feeling ofSeo YoogstagofKongHyo Jinthat determines the mood of the audience It is another series thatWhen you do something, the memory can’t be seen.


Another admirable is the contemporary script writing. Because we must not forget that this story has been released for more than ten years in an era where there is no high technology like today. Therefore, the problem at that time must be set at the script that must come out looking good first. The story is therefore told by a dramatic dimension that dictates that there is no need to sell glittering visual or technical work. Make it a point to say that the content will not be outdated because even if you watch now, you will still feel with the characters and have fun participating in the story. But what will be strange is the equipment at that time, or may see wrinkles, unevenness in some That’s because more than ten years after this story was released, the viewer’s life experience had gone through a lot beyond that point. And of course, I’ve seen something more neat because of the technological developments and the writer’s life experience that I’ve seen more. and can only tell it through the drama of the present work. But for this, it is confirmed that Korea has created a series thatgood for heartIt has been good since ever since.

It was a work that gave a very strong sense of empathy because if you look at it, the phrase “Yeshef” will follow you.

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