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In the rain! BGPU lost 0-2 Ulsan Hyundai, the second ACL battle.

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On 29 June 64 at Pathum Thani Stadium is an AFC competition. Champions League 2021 Group F second match between South Korea’s Ulsan Hyundai FC in the first game defeating Viettel FC of Vietnam 1-0 against BG Pathum United representing Thailand. In the first match defeated Kaya FC Iloilo from the Philippines 4-1

Starting the game in the first half, both teams played with caution, with Ulsan Hyundai dominating the game better. But the stroke of winning the first goal belonged to the army “The Rabbit” from the rhythm of the free kick Diogo Luis Santo spun over the bar.

In the 21st minute, Ulsan Hyundai almost got a goal from the moment that Kim Min Joon had shot in the penalty area, but Thitiphan Phuangchan was still successfully extracted from the front of the goal until in the 24th minute Ulsan Hu. Ndai came to get the goal up to lead until from the stroke of a shot outside the penalty area of ​​Kim Min Joon, the ball deflects Andres Tunez into the goal.

34th minute Ulsan Hyundai almost got the second goal from the moment that Hong Chul opened a free-kick from the left side into the head, Dave Balthuis headed to wipe the pole in the 37th minute, BG Pathum had a chance to win. The goal equalized from the moment Kevin Ingreso opened a free-kick from the right side for Victor Cardozo to head up, but the ball didn’t go into the frame.

At the end of the first half, 45 + 2 minutes, Ulsan Hyundai came to get the second goal from the moment that Hong Chul opened a free kick from the left side into the penalty area, BG Pathum, cleared the ball in the direction of Lee Chung. Young shot from the second row, Lucas Hittersearer. Poke the ball to change the doorway for Ulsan to escape 2-0 before the end of the first half with the score.

Come back to play in the second half with heavy rain. Makes both teams play with difficulty. At 60 minutes, BG Pathum United changed two players by sending Pathomphon Charoenrattanapirom and Sumanya Purisai to play instead of Teerasil Dangda and Kevin Ingra. chain

In the 76th minute, BG Pathum almost got a goal from the rhythm that Ulsan Hyundai’s defensive line cleared the ball in the penalty area, not breaking through to Yodrak Na Muangrak, shooting with the left, but the ball did not enter the frame in the 78th minute. G Pathum had another chance to win from the moment when Peace Chan Ngum gave the ball to Victor Cardoso to avoid the goalkeeper Ulsan Hyundai, but the ball stuck in the water, causing him to miss the chance to score a goal unfortunately.

In the 79th minute, the referee paused the game due to heavy rain. and meeting to come to a conclusion After the game stopped for about 36 minutes for officials to clear the field conditions. The game resumed in the remaining 11 minutes.

In the 86th minute, BG Pathum United changed the third player by sending Chatri Chimtalay to play instead of Yodrak Namuangrak. The rest of the time, BGPU tried to invade, hoping to score a goal back, but failed to finish the game. Ul San Hyundai FC defeated BG Pathum United 2-0.

By the program for the next match, “The Rabbit” army will enter the field in the AFC battle. Champions League 2021 Group F 3rd match against Viettel FC from Vietnam on Friday 2 July 2021 time 21.00 at Pathum Thani Stadium

List of starting 11 players for both teams.

Ulsan Hyundai FC : Jo Hyun Woo (Goalkeeper), Dave Balthuis, Valery Kazaiashvili, Kim Min Joon, Shin Young Min, Ko Myung Jin, Kim Tae Hwan, Lucas Hittersier, Hong Chul, Kim Ki Hee, Lee Chung Young (Team Leader)

BG Pathum United : Chatchai Butprom (Goalkeeper), Victor Cardoso (Team Leader), Andres Tunez, Santiphap Channong, Thitiphan Phuangjan, Sarat Yuyen, Diogo Luis Santo , Yodrak Namuangrak (Chatree Chimtalay, p.86), Piyachanok Darit, Teerasil Dangda (Pathomphon Charoenrattanapirom, p.60), Kevin Ingreso (Sumanya Purisai p.60)


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