In the short term, the domestic wheat market price will continue to run solidly under the support of tight supply in stages | Wheat Market_Sina


According to SunSirs monitoring, this week (11.21-11.25) the domestic wheat market price is running at a high level. The average price at the beginning of the week was 3150.00 yuan / ton, and the average price at the weekend was 3156.00 yuan / ton, up 0.19% during the week.

In the second half of November, the revival of the epidemic in many places has limited the wheat market transport to some extent, and the circulation of the domestic wheat market has declined. In addition, the demand for final flour has rebounded slightly after the May the bullish outlook of the trading entities remains unchanged, and the price of the domestic wheat market as a whole continues to run at a relatively high level.


SunSirs wheat analysts believe that under the support of short-term periodic tight supply, the domestic wheat market price will continue to run robustly.

(Article source: SunSir)

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