In the ‘Suh Hoon arrest’, the battle over the foreign affairs of the ruling and opposition parties… “Evidence of fabrication in North Korea” “Moving to North Korea after the regime change”

Seo Hoon, the former head of the National Security Office in the Blue House, was arrested in the shooting of a public official in the West Sea.

People’s Power Representative Ha Tae-gyeong said in a question to the upcoming Unification Ministry, “Former Chief Seo Hoon was arrested for going to North Korea and manipulating North Korea.”

Rep. said. Ha, “The intention to go to North Korea was not something he did actively, but the expression of a North Korean soldier,” and listed seven grounds for suspicion of “handling evidence from North Korea,” including exaggerating gambling debts.

Representative Kim Tae-ho also said, “The truth of the inter-Korean issue must be revealed, and it should not become a subject of political dispute.”

On the other hand, Representative Kim Sang-hee of the Democratic Party said, “The arrest of former chief Seo Hoon is unfortunate and very unfortunate.” Mr. said

Rep. Park Byung-seok also said, “Former Chief Seo Hoon is a North Korea expert and strategist who has been involved with North Korea-related organizations.”

Unification Minister Kwon Young-se said, “I feel sorry for former chief Suh Hoon as someone I personally know well,” but expressed a principled position, saying, “No one can act arbitrarily before the law, and must be. be evaluated equally according to the standard of the law.”

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