In the third quarter, securities firms increased their holdings of 244 stocks and blue chip stocks were the most popular.

Our reporter Yao Yao

As the disclosure of the third quarter reports of listed companies comes to an end, the repositioning and stock exchange of the highly watched securities companies is coming to the fore.

According to Oriental Fortune Choice statistics, a reporter from Securities Daily found that at the end of the market on October 28, among the companies that have disclosed the third quarter reports for 2022, 339 companies appeared in the top ten list . tradable share shareholders, with a total share of 339 companies. The number reached 1.992 billion shares, and the market value of the positions reached 17.258 billion yuan.

As professional institutional investors, brokerages have maintained relatively stable positions in some heavily held stocks. Among all 339 stocks that are heavily held by brokerages, 101 stocks, including Liyuan Refining, Yuheng Pharmaceutical, and New Mileage, have been heavily held by brokerages for 3 consecutive quarters, accounting for 29.79%.

In terms of new entrants and increased holdings, compared to the second quarter of this year, brokerage firms increased their holdings by 244 stocks in the third quarter, with 180 new holdings and 64 more holdings.

In terms of changes in the number of shares held, among the 244 newly increased holdings, Liyuan Refining, Northeast Securities, Caitong Securities, Pegasus International, Xinke Mobile and other 5 stocks, the number of additional shares held by securities companies in the third quarter was 40 million. In addition, the number of additional shares held by securities companies in 14 stocks including Baotailong, Shaangu Power, Jidong Cement, Jinjing Technology, and Mulinsen all exceeded 10 million shares.

“Securities Daily” reporters found that blue chip stocks among the above 244 stocks account for a relatively high proportion. According to the third quarter report of listed companies in 2022, the net profit of a total of 130 companies attributable to the parent company achieved a year-on-year increase, accounting for more than 50%. Among them, Brother Technology, Yujing Co., Ltd., Meiyan Jixiang, Ganneng Co., Ltd., and Shangao Huaneng’s net profit increased more than 1000% year after year.

From a market performance perspective, the stock prices of the above 244 stocks are relatively strong. Since October, on 28 October, 139 stocks have risen during the period, accounting for 56.97%. Among them, microelectrophysiology, shares of Saiteng, Shensangda A, Huadong CNC, Weiteng Electric and other stocks have increased more than 50% during the period.

In terms of industry, the above 244 companies were involved in 28 first-class industries of Shenwan, mainly in the three major industries of electronics, power equipment and mechanical equipment, and the number of companies involved was 25, 23 and 23 respectively.

Pan Helin, co-director and researcher of the Digital Economy and Financial Innovation Research Center of Zhejiang University’s International Business School, told the “Securities Daily” reporter: “Although the situation of the industry securities company is relatively scattered, it is not without a trace. That can be summarize the main line of logic as follows: Invest in companies that have specific barriers in the real economy manufacturing industry, including technical, scale and brand barriers, that is, invest in companies that have a competitive advantage over their competitors and have a moat wide.”

Wu Qihong, chief researcher of Guangzhou Wanlong Securities Consulting Co., Ltd., told the “Securities Daily” reporter: “In the electronics industry, the next five years will be a crucial period for the development of the Xinchuan field, and the space is abundant; in the machinery and equipment industry, high-end CNC machine tools mainly rely on Imports, there is still a huge room for development in my country in the field of mechanical equipment; the representative of the power equipment industry is new energy, and the field new energy has led to continued prosperity. Investors can focus on the new technology path of photovoltaic cells, HJT cells, perovskite cells, etc., as well as emerging technologies such as PDC.”

Zhou Quanqing, managing director of Guangzhou Guobang Asset Management Co., Ltd. told the “Securities Daily” reporter: “Although the current valuation of the electronics industry is relatively high, it is continuously supported by policies; the fundamentals of the power equipment industry continue to improve ; in the machinery and equipment industry, the high-end manufacturing track is also a direction that has been strongly supported by policies in recent years, so securities companies in these three industries account for a relatively high proportion of their jobs. the new holdings of securities companies, it can be seen that securities companies are optimistic about the market, and the allocation of the industry is relatively balanced Stocks that are supported by policies, have a high level of prosperity, and perform better more optimistically.”

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