In the tiger cage Munnar shook; Worried about where to open

Idukki: A tiger was caught in Munnar’s residential area of ​​Naimakkad. The tiger, which had been spreading terror by killing pets in the country for days, was trapped in a cage set up by the forest department. The forestry department has installed cages in three places. The tiger was caught at 8:30pm. The health of the tiger is checked.

The complicated issue is where to release the tiger. What the committee investigating health issues is mainly trying to find out is whether it has the ability to survive on its own if released into the wild. Since Munnar is a residential area, there is concern that if it was left open in the surrounding forest, it could come again.

The possibility of opening a Periyar Tiger Reserve in Thekkady will be explored. Around 10 cows were killed in the last two days in Nayamakkad region. The tiger was behaving abnormally. It is assumed that he was coming back after going to the Cuddlar region from Naimakkad.

But footprints will be checked to confirm if this is the same tiger seen on the beach. The tiger was trapped in a cage placed near a cow house where it had attacked five cows in Nayamakkad district. Vets say the preliminary conclusion about the tiger is that it is healthy enough to hunt and live in the wild.

It is also being investigated as to why it came to the country and attacked domesticated animals even though it was an adult and healthy turtle. Examination of the wound on the body of the attacked animal did not show any significant health problem in the tiger.

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