In the United States, WBC is the subject of great debate as to whether it should be done or not

WBC Pool D, Puerto Rico vs. Dominica on March 15th local time. Both teams have MLB star players in their starting lineup, but both lost to Venezuela, and the one that wins leads to the quarterfinals on the rice field.

In the game, Puerto Rico, who scored 4 points in the 3rd inning with a storming attack, defended their lead and won 5-2. But the injury to Edwin Diaz, Puerto Rico’s closer who pitched the last inning, after that game has now ignited a major controversy that divides baseball fans in America.

Puerto Rico’s Edwin Diaz left the field while being carried by his teammates.
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The shocking incident happened immediately after the end of the game. Diaz, the team’s definitive closer, closed out the game, sending players off the benches and roaring with joy on the mound. However, Diaz crouched in the middle of the ring and could not get up. Nine Puerto Rico is calling for team doctors and trainers immediately.

Around this time, the quarter finals were decided, and the audience in the celebrations noticed something unusual, and the stands were filled with an unpleasant atmosphere. Even the Dominica bench, shattered by the defeat, was a strange situation to look at with concern. In the end, Diaz, who was unable to walk on his own, was placed in a wheelchair and left the stadium.

Puerto Rico head coach Yadiar Molina also dropped his shoulders and looked at him worriedly, while his younger brother Alexis Diaz (Red) cried on the ground. FOX Sports commentary, which was broadcasting the game, was all we could do.

“I didn’t expect this kind of ending. I just hope that Diaz’s injury is not serious.”

However, the next day, the results of the tests published by the Mets, to which he belongs, were too heavy, a tear in the patellar tendon in his right knee. The operation was performed on the same day, and it was declared a success, but ironically, the result of eight months of complete recovery and the despair of this season has become the most attention-grabbing news of this tournament.

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