In time for the last 10 minutes, the students take the trip to the van. Apply for Assistant Teacher Exam NEDA posted the praise of wrinkled Netizens

During the last 10 minutes, the students made a trip to the van and sent exam documents to ‘Teacher Assistant’, almost in time for ‘Tak PDR, District 2’, posting to appreciate the garden netizens. The problem should be seen Is it open to apply online? It’s not something to show off.

On June 5, the Facebook page of the past Primary Education Service Field Office 2 Tak Who has more than 1.1 ten thousand followers, posted a story about applying for the teacher’s assistant exam on the 6th

“The last 10 minutes of the day…I arrived on time. The student outfit took a tour bus from Chiang Mai to Tak and then took a van to Mae Sot and took Car Grab for the last 10 minutes. Chiang Mai Rajabhat University best wishes as intended.”

It seems that after the job was published. Many people have been to comment. Most agree that It is not something that should be appreciated, but the agency should see the problem whether it should allow online application or not. when technology is ready to support it While many people have expressed their appreciation and blessing on the students that they are as determined as they were in the past, etc.

“The application system should be improved to an online format. to facilitate all candidates who are far away If the sisters in the post arrive later, be it because of difficult travel or any other reason In addition to wasting time, costs may follow. Applying for the exam shows no spirit at all.”

“It’s true, you should be able to go online now. Vocational teachers are still applying online. OBEC teacher, aren’t they ashamed? Why do you think Thailand 4.0 is seeing a strong emphasis on teachers using technology? But the agency itself still can’t do it.
“It should be online. It should be convenient back in the day Not romantically involved with this kind of hardship.”
“It should be online now. Tell the teachers to develop themselves in technology, the area should be. “

“If you can apply online His younger brother wouldn’t have to be so difficult.”
“Remember when I applied 8 years ago, I also went on a tour bus. #Chiang Mai Rajabhat Primary Education Team”
“Thailand 4.0 a lot”

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