Incheon United Sparks Controversy with National Foundation Day SNS Post

Incheon United Celebrates National Foundation Day with Victory in AFC Champions League

by Jo Sung-ryong, Sports News Correspondent

Incheon United showcased an impressive performance during their AFC Champions League (ACL) group stage match against Kaya FC Iloilo (Philippines) on October 3rd. The match, held at the Incheon Football Stadium, saw Incheon claim a convincing 4-0 victory, securing their position at the top of Group G with two consecutive wins.

Around 8,000 spectators gathered to witness Incheon’s momentous triumph, which was further enhanced by the national holiday, National Foundation Day. Despite it being a midweek game, the presence of the holiday contributed to the increased turnout. An official from the Incheon club stated, “Though the initial booking rate was not as high, CEO Jeon Jeon-soo’s message to the fans resulted in a larger audience.”

Incheon’s decision to schedule their historic first ACL final home game on National Foundation Day holds significant meaning. National Foundation Day marks the establishment of Gojoseon, the ancient Korean kingdom, in 2333 BC by Dangun Wanggeom. While the team had been busy preparing for the ACL match, Incheon took the time to pay homage to this important national holiday by sharing a social media post.

However, the post received an unexpected response, with many finding the content amusing. This reaction can be attributed to an unfortunate internet trend involving the use of derogatory terms. In the context of Korean football, the term ‘dog’ is commonly used by fans to insult rival teams, including Incheon. Coincidentally, the internet slang ‘gaecheon’ is a derogatory word associated with Incheon. The comical response to the National Foundation Day post appears to be a result of these internet dynamics.

When approached about the issue, Incheon team officials refrained from making any complaints. Laughing it off, an official commented, “There’s nothing to comment on, really. We post a commemorative SNS post every year on National Foundation Day. The content of the post is fine and in accordance with our traditions. However, it’s perplexing to see such peculiar reactions on social media on this particular day.”

Further elaborating, the official emphasized the significance of Gauncheonjeol, the Korean holiday celebrating the founding of Gojoseon. Maintaining a respectful stance, the official acknowledged the importance of Gaecheonjeol and noted, “Gaecheonjeol has been a designated national holiday for several decades. It’s curious why there is such concern about our SNS post on National Foundation Day.”

Incheon Club consistently shares SNS posts in accordance with their principles. While the team participates in these commemorative posts on national holidays, excluding weekends, they are particularly attentive to posting on holidays designated by the country. Liberation Day and March 1st are among the occasions that receive special attention. Nevertheless, the focus on National Foundation Day remains unparalleled.

After commemorating National Foundation Day ⓒ hold SNS Incheon United

[스포츠니어스 | 인천=조성룡 기자] It really is impossible not to care.

In the 23/24 AFC Champions League (hereafter referred to as ACL) group stage match between Incheon United and Kaya FC Iloilo (Philippines) held at the Incheon Football Stadium on the 3rd, the home team Incheon scored two goals by Mugosa and successive goals from Hernández and Mpoku Thanks to this, they defeated Kaya 4-0. Incheon managed to win first place in ACL Group G with two consecutive wins.

Incheon achieved a refreshing victory in the presence of around 8,000 spectators. Although it was a midweek game, it managed to attract more viewers thanks to the ‘Golden Holiday’. An official from the Incheon club said, “The booking rate was a little low, but CEO Jeon Jeon-soo sent a message to fans to come, so more spectators came.”

Incheon’s historic first ACL final home game was held on October 3rd, National Foundation Day. It is a day to commemorate the founding of Gojoseon in 2333 BC by Dangun Wanggeom, the founder of the Korean people. The Incheon team was busy preparing for the ACL home game, but in the meantime, they uploaded a social media post celebrating National Foundation Day.

However, the comment response was rather strange. Everyone laughed cheerfully, saying, “Something is funny.” Actually, this is because the ‘derogatory name’ is going around on the internet. K-League fans often use the word ‘dog’ to insult the other team. The same goes for Incheon. There is a derogatory word called ‘gaecheon’. However, such a reaction occurs because 3 October is National Foundation Day.

Incheon team officials made a complaint, not a complaint. The official laughed and said, “I don’t want to comment,” and then added, “Actually, that’s true. We post a commemorative SNS post every year on National Foundation Day. There’s no problem with the post in truth. There is nothing strange. However, on this day, I still get strange reactions to comments on social media “I’m more worried about this,” he said.

This official said, “Gauncheonjeol is a day to commemorate the founding of Gojoseon, the origin of our Korean people. Of course, we also have to respect Gaecheonjeol,” and added, “Gaecheonjeol did not suddenly appear, but it has been designated national holiday for over several decades.” However, “I don’t know why I’m so worried about uploading to SNS when it’s National Foundation Day,” he said with a laugh.

Incheon Club posts these SNS posts in accordance with its principles. Since it is a football team, it may not be a concern, but Incheon posts commemorative SNS posts on national holidays designated by the country, excluding holidays. The same goes for Liberation Day and March 1st. However, I can’t help but be particularly concerned about National Foundation Day.

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